Athletic & Organizing Updates

I have been on a bit of an organizing bindge this week. I’ve gone to Daiso and Muji and stocked up on all.the.things. Mainly organizing bins for tax paperwork, and hair products underneath the bathroom counter. Which, I’m not entirely happy about how it’s organized (the under sink cabinet). Okay side note. Why does my keyboard all of a sudden think I’m living in England, wanting to switch organizing, to the British spelling? I know I’m Canadian and all and I’ll never give up those U’s in favourite, or colour…but I cannot get rid of those Z’s and replace them with S’s (organising!? Looks funny to me).

sugar paper laContinuing with the organizing. Target has amazing planners and sugar paper LA always comes out with ridiculously cute things for the desk. I love the minimal look, with accents of pinks, whites, golds… ugh, gorgeous. Who’s with me!?

Although a homebody, all that organizing makes me feel too cooped up in the house, so I’m pretty stoked to say I’ve received some new running sneakers, after running in my same black Mizuno Wave Rider’s for 2+ years. Perhaps that’s why I have that weird bump on my shin. Scott says it could be a shin-splint, but I land “properly” (flat-foot, never heel striking) when running, so why would it be a shin-splint? Plus, I don’t pump out THAT many miles to make a bump on my shin from running.

mizunoAnyway, like I said, luckily Mizuno hooked the Mister and I up with some sweet new running sneakers that I’ve been posting about quite a bit on Instagram. I got a new pair of my favourite Mizunos (actually I’ve only ever ran in the Wave Riders, and never any other “wave”). So testing out the Wave Riders, and the Wave Sayonara was definitely a bit different although looking quite similar. Stylish sneakers in fun colours man. I tell ya.

bike gearAnd don’t forget about my biking. I really need an exercise buddy around here. I’m running mostly on my own (minus weekends), and biking on my own a lot. Then again I’m not sure I’d like a biking buddy because I don’t want to head out into traffic. I’m totally cool with biking around residential neigbourhoods at a leisurely pace, or plowin’ through some local trails.

bikingSuch a sick bike. I love looking at it. I get a ton of compliments from strangers on it too, asking me what model it is from Specialized. Swoon. Btw, it’s the Vita Comp Carbon if you’re interesting in one too!

specialized jerseyI love my get-up that I wear cycling. But I almost feel like a poser because I’m so new at it. I’m that cyclist all dressed up in fancy gear, who walks her bike across intersections. I’m afraid of cars hitting me! LOL.

But let’s be real. I’m totally following up my athletics waiting on some Canadian candy to be mailed down to me. My Mom sent a parcel a few days ago, and I totally hope there’s a lot of Big Turk chocolate bars in there, hee hee.  You better believe I’m tracking that parcel on Canada Post like it’s goin’ out of style.

This blog post is all over the place, but whatevs. How come I didn’t see this cute Madewell v-neck tee when I went to Madewell in Santana Row?! (Not an affiliate link, although it’s a super convoluted looking link). It’s cute. I wonder if I missed it while I was there?! I’ll have to go back. I think I need. Speaking of need. I also need $500 for all the Fall clothes I want, but will never buy because I can’t be spending money on such silly things.

Tell me something new in the comments.

What sneakers do you run in?

When is the last time you went biking?

Are you a fan of organizing?

Who loves TARGET?!

Back to regular beauty/lifestyle blogging tomorrow :) Happy Friday Junior. Get it? Wait. Is that a grandpa joke? Sorry. Thought I was being funny :) 

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How we get ready for house guests

House-Guest-PrepWe had our first house guest a few months ago, when The Guy’s best friend came down on his work trip, but he stayed at our place a little less than 12 hours. After that I thought it was time for another few house guests to make their arrival to California.

I facebook’ed my two sister-in-law’s (The Guy’s sisters), and asked them when they were planning to come visit us. Last time we saw his younger sister, was at our wedding. The last time I saw his other sister was when I was home in Newfoundland.

To my surprise, they both booked flights, and were here in California at the same time.

Needless to say, I wanted to have the house in presentable shape, as The Guy and I tend to drop things on the floor instead of putting them away. I spent one full day organizing our main floor, rearranging a few things, deep cleaning the kitchens, and took the vacuum to the floors. Our house is a little bare at the moment with little artwork on the walls, but it feels a lot more spacious after I moved a few furniture pieces around.

I’d show you our guest room, except it’s not exactly a guest room. The Guy has taken over that room for all his bike stuff, so it’s not as decorated as I’d like, whatsoever.

Preparing-for-house-guestsAfter a flight or long haul, I know that I love to just take a long shower/bath and simply relax. I like our guests to feel at home, or at the very least feel relaxed like they’re at a spa or hotel. Regarding the bathroom, I like to give them our spare bathroom and make it feel very hotel/spa like. I bought a few towels at World Market, and I already had the striped towels from Pottery Barn a few years ago. They were all freshly washed and folded like you’d see at hotel, all fancy like.

Guest-basketI gathered a few more goodies at World Market — we don’t have a store like that, that I know of in Canada. It’s one of my favourites around here, and it doesn’t help that it’s almost across the street from me. Inside the basket is a hand towel, a few face clothes, a candle, hand cream, body wash. Then I picked up some disposable razors from Daiso and added them to the basket. All topped with a few chocolate truffles.

Face-masks-for-guestsSince I love spoiling people, I couldn’t help but add a few more touches to the basket and towel. I added a few mini makeup items (cuticle oil, nail file, perfume, lipstick, and mascara) for the girls, and some face masks on top of the fresh towels.

House-Guest-Prep-2Adding a new hand soap was something I wanted to do, too. That was bought at TJ Maxx.

philosophy-shower-goodiesThe shower had a few travel sized items that I snagged at a hotel a few months ago. The cleaning lady and I shared a little bonding experience over the philosophy goodies, and she hooked me up big time. Now, I save them for our guests, ha!

A fresh and clean bathroom all to yourself as a house guest is pretty sweet, isn’t it? I’m so glad they both managed to book trips down to see The Guy and I. I’ll do a recap on what we did throughout the little while they were here, in the next few posts.

Krista and Shauna, I miss you both already!

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Spiffykerms Birthday Giveaway

spiffykerms-birthday-giveawayMy birthday is today!

I scheduled this blog post in advance. I ain’t be spending no birthdays on the computer. I’ll blog about the day a little later because I’m probably out gallivanting around. #BirthdayGirlFTW

For those who are long-time readers know that I like to do giveaways on my birthday. I failed at getting one up last year, since I was going all Paleo. Then gave it up.

But I’m back at it this year. Let’s make it a bi-yearly birthday giveaway. I’ll try to remember to do one next year, breaking up my system.

Everyone loves giveaways, and I’m opening this one up internationally. Hopefully the winner doesn’t live somewhere where it costs more to ship the products than it does to buy them yourself at the store. We’ll see how it goes.

This year I’ll be giving away a few of my favourite things:


You know I’m a fan of Philosophy and MAKE UP FOR EVER products, so you know I can’t do a giveaway without these two products involved. You’ll be getting a bottle of Purity cleanser which I haven’t strayed away from in almost two years. Smoky Lash mascara will give you false looking eyelashes if you layer it a ton. It’s great.

Caudalíe hand cream is fantastic, has a nice scent which I can’t for the life of me describe.

Mini atomizer (it’s for your perfume, to carry on the go. If you don’t know how to use one watch this short YouTube video)

I’m also throwing in a few things I love from Daiso. Stationary is my vice. I’m forever buying notebooks and pens, so a Daiso notebook had to go in, along with a little Daiso trinket bowl (that light blue thing) to store your rings or spare change in, a box of Daiso nail polish remover pads (these are the only ones I use now, they’re greasy but good) and to keep everything together, a floral Daiso make up bag.

Giveaway is open world wide. Use the rafflecopter form below to enter.

Everything was purchased by me, and will be shipped out by me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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