CrossFit isn’t for everyone…but it IS for me.

People love to hate on CrossFit since it’s such a “hardcore workout” and people are “prone to injury”. I love to argue the fact that it’s whatever you make it.

Feeling like poop? Don’t go. Or, if you do want to go workout, you don’t have to go full tilt on every damn workout. I sure as heck don’t. You don’t have to get better each time you do a deadlift, or a pushpress. There are plenty of times where I’m feeling sluggish when I head into CrossFit and I’m just not feeling it, so I don’t lift as heavy, I don’t go as hard, or as fast.

It drives me nuts when people comment (not here) saying that so many people get injured because of it.

Well let me tell you something. CrossFit isn’t for everyone.

Neither is hockey.

Neither is running.

Neither is cooking in the kitchen, for fear of chopping a finger off!

Do you get what I’m saying? There’s a reason CrossFit classes are small. There’s only one coach who is with you the entire class, walking around looking at people’s form. Making sure everyone is doing the correct movements, and if they’re not — you’ll get fixed and shown how to do the workout properly without getting injured.

I took TWELVE days off CrossFit, because I tweaked my shoulder. Due to me doing improper pushups. On November 1st, I went back to CrossFit and told my coach what was going on. He took me aside while everyone was doing the warm up before the WOD and showed me how to keep my shoulders pinched, my abs in, and do them off my knees instead. Now, 35 days later my shoulder feels fine and I’m still going strong on the 50 day pushup challenge.

There’s passion here, can’t you tell?  ;)

So yeah. CrossFit may not be for everyone. My former running buddy-turned friend (who just had a baby by the way!)  was the one who introduced me to CrossFit in February 2011, she actually decided to stop going to CrossFit altogether. It’s just not her thing any more.


Please. Don’t bash it til you try it. Then, hate on it all you want and go do the sports you love.


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