My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, week 14)

Oh dear. It’s been AGES since I did a CrossFit weekly post. Apologies!! I’ve been a slacker.

What I did this week? See below!


year 1, week 14, day one

5×3 – Clean Pulls

3×3 – Tempo Dead Lift
*3 seconds from ground to knee on way up, 3 seconds from full hip extension to knee on way down

200m Sprint
15 Hollow Rocks
30 sec. Superman Hold

For the AMRAP I completed almost 4 full rounds. The buzzer went off and I had 4 seconds left to hold my Superman pose. I did it anyway. It was a tough WOD on the abs. There were 2 guys in the class and 3 females including me. I loved being the second fastest runner (one of the guys was ahead) and the other guy swore to me: “Holy shit you’re fast!”. That is, until I burnt out on my 3rd round. Like I said, those abs… ugh it was wonderful.


year 1, week 14, day two

5 rounds

800m Run
30 Toes To Bar (T2B)

We had a 40 minute time limit for this WOD. I ended up doing the 5 complete rounds of running. I had 2 minutes to complete the 800m run as time was running out. I got back in 4. So obviously I didn’t finish the last set of 30 T2B’s.

I posted this picture of me right after I finished. I’m purple!!!



year 1, week 14, day three

18min time limit

5 Rounds of:

12 Deadlifts; 155/105lbs
9 Hang Clean; 155/105lbs
6 Push Jerks; 155/105lbs

So I obviously didn’t do the prescribed workout since my weakness is in my shoulders. I ended up using 55lbs in total. I’m usually like a rotating helicopter with that weight over my head usually, and I wasn’t wobbly!

I’m surprised I did the full WOD. We only had 18 minutes for 5 rounds. Coach shouted out TEN SECONDS, as I had 2 push jerks left of my 5th round. Go the very last one up over my head as the timer buzzed. Sooo awesome. I felt great.

I felt so great I asked my boyf to take a photo of me flexing, hahahaha!! Check it out. I kinda love it. All that stuff in my left hand are screw drivers and my new license plate sticker for the year. Thursday was the last day to swap it out so I met him down there and he changed the sticker for me. Whatta guy.


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