I had an emotionally exhausting week. All I can say is that it was bitter-sweet in the sense that I got things off my chest that was built up, and in quite a professional matter. I was surprised at myself at how I presented myself in that situation. I feel like a more confident person because of what’s been going on. Due to privacy issues I won’t get into details, but a few people have stated that they are proud of the accomplishments I’ve created for myself over the past few months. I’m very proud of standing my ground, and won’t let things go unnoticed. That was the “sweet part”.

As for the bitter part, which I really do dislike talking about, and try not to often but; My Dad has go to back on chemotherapy. Even though he’s had a quite a long break from the “rat poison” as he sometimes refers to it as, it was “expected” but we had hoped that it wouldn’t turn out that way. Regardless of that, he’s a pretty chipper, laid back ol’ Daddio and he’ll do what he has to do. Just wish I wasn’t a three hour flight away from visiting them. Sometimes you’d just like to be there, you know?

I’m ready for the Family Day long weekend, let’s bring it on. I won’t be blogging until Tuesday, so don’t expect anything on Monday — ha ha!

ootwwSorry, no “Fun, Fit and/or Fashionable” post this week since no one submitted anything and I didn’t want to go digging for something to just post.

If you’re in a province where you have Family Day — then have a great long weekend!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

I’m not sure how many people actually know what I do as a living. I’m a Graphic Designer and I also am involved in Marketing. I am the only designer here, and I work at a place where there are three office in three neighboring cities. Tri-city area if you will. Every few months we have a staff meeting at a local conference center and we talk about work related things, like you would at a staff meeting. Mid-September was our last meeting and at the end of it one of the management asked the staff to volunteer to start a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. I raised my hand and took everything over.

Since I’m on twitter all of the time, I contacted a few companies from there and got a few prize donations generously sent to me. Since that head start I then ended up calling local companies to support the cause. Everyone was SO helpful and willing to help out.

This is the poster that I’ve designed to get the word out for our staff to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I presented the “ECU lottery” poster at the staff meeting which was on the 19th and announced everything then. I think everyone was impressed with all of the goodies that they were eligible to win. 14 amazing prizes!

An e-mail went out where I explained how they win, where the staff came back at me like it was a stag and doe type of raffle. I suppose you could classify it as that. You can buy as many tickets as you’d like, scroll through all of the 14 prizes, fill out a ballot and place your name in the envelopes. At the end of the campaign, I will draw names out of those numbered envelopes and pull winners! Exciting, right?

On the 28th I asked the staff to wear pink and then that would be the FUN DAY. Where hors d’ourves were being catered in, pizza for lunch was getting delivered, 8 spa gift cards were given out and 14 prizes that everyone “bid” on. Here are some photos from Friday.

Julie made some cupcakes and sold them for $1.00 each!

Amy, my bosses daughter who works with us — took all the photos for the day. This is her and I posing with the amazing treats. They were delicious ;)

Hayyy I’ve got cupcakes for booblets!!!!

Julie (remember her from earlier?) was excited that she won the $200 hair product gift basket shown below.

We screamed, we cried, and jumped for joy.

Then, fell over and laughed some more. Oopsie!

Sitting at my desk, busy busyin’ away…

Here are just some of the 14 prizes that were donated by companies from all over! Obviously I blurred out my full name, along with some other things I don’t want people seeing, ha!

Oh, I guess I should show you all of the amazing prizes.

Me with all the 14 prize donations for 35 staff, good chances to win!

I cropped my co-workers out who don’t know about my blog, and I’d rather not say “Hey can I include your photo on my website?”  lol But here are a number of staff drawing names for the prizes…

I’m really proud of myself for taking this from start-to-finish. We raised a total of $733.00 — Everyone loved it and I’m ecstatic to hear that. :)

It was SUCCCHHH a long day though. So exhausting!

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