Tibb’s Eve Brunch

Yesterday was definitely a character building kind of day. With a stiff lip, I let myself mull over the situation for an hour or two, then go about my evening. The Guy came home early, and decided to take me out to get some Subway and check out the festive Christmas lights around Santana Row. He sure knows how to cheer me up! With that being said, thanks for all your comments regarding yesterday evening’s post. I do need to thank WestJet for their impeccable customer service.

This morning I got up and made us a brunch, and shortly after I finish proof-reading through my post, I’m heading over to Jessica’s house to make some cookies with her!

Brunch-headerI can hear you asking yourself what the heck does Tibb’s Eve mean. It’s a celebration to kick off the Christmas Season as you do in Newfoundland (where we’re from). Tibb’s Eve is the Eve before Christmas Eve and can often be referred as Tipsy Eve if ya catch my drift.

To start our mid-morning Tibb’s Eve, I made us a huge breakfast as we can finally sit back and relax with the two of us and Alfie. We had three sets of visitors throughout December, my parents in law, my sister in law and my husbands best bud all came down for a visit. It was great! I love entertaining, and showing people all the sights and sounds that California has. I will never tire of the Golden Gate Bridge, let me tell you that much!

I’ve been lucky that Walmart Delivery is taking a liking to my food posts, this is the third instalment of me working with them. Once again, all the food shown in the post (ok minus the grapes, they were gross anyway) were from Walmart and delivered right to my doorstep. The delivery guys and I are getting to know each other pretty well. Alfie still doesn’t like them — wouldn’t blame him really, they’re strangers.

I do have to say, I’m getting bolder in the kitchen and expanding my cooking skills to making a ton of things at once, instead of baking muffins and some scrambled eggs. I’m doing it all. Fryin up the bacon, making blueberry muffins, egg bagels with tomato and cheese, fresh fruit with whip cream, and having a side of apple juice, hot chocolate and then peppermint tea! Whoowee.big-brunch






peppermint-tea-santa-mugI stocked up on the Celestial peppermint tea and now have a couple of boxes, there’s nothin’ better than peppermint flavoured treats at Christmas. After breakfast or even before bed, I like to sit in my chair and have a little chit chat with The Guy about our day ahead, or unwinding after a long day. My Santa mug has a few cracks in it, I think it can’t handle the heat of my extra hot drinks. Hopefully it’ll last a few more seasons!

So, it’s two days until Santa Claus arrives on his sleigh, and for those that celebrate the Misters visit, I sure hope you’re all ready. Are you? I have to admit, I need to wrap a couple of more gifts and I am set. We have a modest amount of presents under the miniature Ikea tree this year, but I’m really excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple. This year has been so different for us, and believe it or not (I probably keep repeating myself) I’m the happiest I have been in my life. I’m content with where I am in my/our life right now. With that being said, I will be taking the next week or two off blogging to spend time with my new little family. See you in 2015, stay safe and Happy Holidays!

But before I head off until the New Year, here’s $15 toward your first order with #WalmartToGo, an online grocery pickup and delivery service and if you spend over $50 delivery is free.

Disclaimer: Walmart-to-go provided me with a gift card to use their delivery service.

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Hanging out with Madonna’s Make Up Artist

I took the 6:30am train into Toronto with all of the regular commuters last Thursday. I was surprisingly relaxed throughout the ride, and when I arrived at Union Station I hopped on the subway to get to my first location. A Make Up For Ever breakfast!I’m someone who gets lots fairly easily and need a lot of reassurance when I’m going somewhere. So tons of maps were brought with me. I know, I know. I could use my BlackBerry for times like these. But in most cases paper is faster than phones and especially when you’re feeling a little stressed your phone may decide to be annoying and load really slowly. I did not get reassured by the construction worker men who told me that I was a 25 minute walk away from my destination. I needed to be there in 15 minutes! Luckily I had my flats on and I speed-walked my way down Bloor Street at 8:40 in the morning. Outta my way!

Since this event was taken place at the very fancy exquisite  One Restaurant, Hazleton Hotel (the only 5 star hotel in Toronto) in Yorkville. I did some research about it before hand and noticed some of the reviews saying that “a lot of celebs” visit this place. So I knew in advance it was going to be quite spiffy … I did that on purpose. After my brisk 6 minute walk, not 25 (So exaggerated) I needed to freshen up.

The washrooms were floor to ceiling black marble. Gorgeous.

I was invited by the girls at Make Up For Ever to join them in their unveiling iconic collaboration for Fall 2012 with special appearance from Madonna’s Make Up Artist, Gina Brooke.

Madonna’s makeup artist (!!) Gina Brooke.

Look at how close I was to her!

We were served a three course brunch which was all so completely tasty.

It was amazing hearing Gina’s stories about how she ended up working with Madonna, and she had the whole room intrigued. We were laughing, and even gasping at some of the things she was telling us. I was literally speechless, and probably staring at Gina in awe of everything she was telling us, especially since she was sitting right next to us. Luckily, other bloggers asked some really great questions. Like, What’s Madonna’s favorite foundations and concealers? Answer: Clé de peau. Such a luxurious product.  Must get me a sample of that at Holt Renfrew! Of course, like any make up artist, she doesn’t stick to just one brand.

Gina likes to keep things light, especially on mature or dry skin. She mentioned that she enjoys using the Make Up For Ever Face & Body foundation, which I’ve heard great things about. Here are some photos that were taken before and during the event at One Restaurant.

Here are the Make Up For Ever girls that were just so sweet. I was so happy to finally meet them all, after speaking with Lindsey via e-mail for months now!

We even got a loot bag for beauty lovers! Some of Gina’s favorite Make Up For Ever products!

Gina was talking about how Madonna wanted to create her very own custom lip color for Make Up For Ever for Tour De Force. The aqua line by Make Up For Ever is smudge proof, water proof and will not budge. Gina was wearing the #8 (the Madonna color!) and showed us how it doesn’t transfer.

The great thing about the custom red lip stick, is that Gina said it’s wearable for every skin tone. Why? Because there are blues, and oranges and all undertones in it that will suit everyone whether you’re pale or dark skinned.

I got my photo taken with Gina Brooke, and I’m so glad the photos that were taken of us, weren’t awkward looking. My lips sure were quivering when I was posing for a few of these snap shots! Hooooo-wee. Also, I didn’t realize how large my head is, haha.If you’re interested in continuing on, reading about Gina Brooke and Madonna using Make Up For Ever products, read a more detailed version on Fashion Canada’s blog — they were there too!

My blog post has gotten a bit too long! So stay tuned for my next blog post, where I thought I’d need my asthma inhaler while visiting Fossil Canada Headquarters!

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