ASOS Boots for sale

Are you in my city-area? Want to buy my brand new boots that are too big for me, and cost $80 to ship back to the UK?

ASOS Boots 2Good grief, as if that wasn’t enough, I paid $52 in duties to receive them. I’m not even about to tell you how much they cost (unless you’re a serious buyer and have bigger feet than me.)

I wear an 8.5 and I can usually wear a 9 in boots. These are too big for me, and I just can’t keep them. They’re UK 7 so technically a 9US.

Leather and suede upper. An over the knee boot with side zip fastening, soft suede through the leg, a leather shoe, almond shaped toe, flat sole and a low heel.

Upper: 100% Real leather
Lining sock: 50% Polyurethane, 50% Textile
Sole: 100% Resin.


Let me know…

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Autumn Lust List

Today’s post? All about things that are nice, that I wouldn’t necessarily buy with my hard-earned money. But things I’d like to oggle at, and pretend that I can afford.

My Mom always told me I had expensive taste. Which is rather unfortunate for me since everything I like, is expensive. I’ve been lucky enough to be brought up in a good way: If you can’t pay for it with cash, than you cannot afford it. A good way to be. I guess you could say that I’m also frugal (with my coupon site and all), and not want to part with my money at the same time. I just want someone else to spend their hard-earned money on … me. ;)

The following items I’m about to show you are nice, but unfortunately for me are unaffordable. If I were much more rich I would probably consider purchasing the following items. Like this Michael Kors iPad case. It’s pretty nice. I think I just like the gold. It’s a Louis Vuitton print knock-off.

Nice, isn’t it? The gold woo’s me.

Frye Riding Boots are perfection to me.

1 // 2 // 3 //

Or how about a mixed black/brown pair? These are by Locale. Love them. But not at $180.

Instead of blowing $300-$400 on a pair of fancy leathers to put on my feet for the winter, I decided to buy a pair of less expensive riding boots from Target.

Much better at $69. Get them here. They look a little like this on my feet though…a little bit of a different color than online. But I love these better! Such a gorgeous cognac color.

I’m SO SO SO excited! I can’t wait for all the outfits to wear with these boots! :)

My Target riding boots are a replica for the Frye Melissa Button boots that retail for $330 at Nordstrom.

What is on your Autumn Lust List? I think next, I’ll be making a Christmas list — putting it here on my blog, and hinting at the Boyf, and my parents to look at that specific blog post. Heck yeah. Smart idea!

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