HanaHaus Blue Bottle, Palo Alto California

Hana-Haus-Palo-AltoI need to live closer to Palo Alto. I need to come here every day. I need to be made of money so I can afford a fancy Blue Bottle iced coffee every day. Shiiiii.

String-lights-at-HanaHausBasically, I bring all my visitor friends here to impress them.

Inside-hanahausIt’s such an inspiring, chilled out place to sit down have a bite to eat or grab some delicious coffee. Iced coffee for me, thanks. Pretty sure the only reason I liked iced coffee is because of all the SUGAR. Hot coffee = rotten to me.



HanaHaus-BluebottleIf you’re ever around the Bay Area, Hana Haus is definitely a spot I’d suggest you check out. Probably because of how fancy it looks. But the coffee is pretty great too.

HanaHaus-lunchI wouldn’t order lunch there. They’re not the best at that.

Go visit HanaHaus!
New Varsity Theatre
456 University Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Today I’m headed off to the Re:Make summit put off by Brit + Co in San Francisco. I’m excited! Come say hi if you’re there!

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