Sunny San Diego recap [Day 3 part 2]

After we had our fair share of the expo and an early afternoon at poolside, we took a taxi to Fashion Valley Mall, just a few miles from the hotel.

While I was shopping in Origin’s, the woman at the counter told me that Fashion Valley Mall was one (or maybe the biggest?) outdoor mall in California.

It was a gorgeous spot!



This place had stores I’ve never been inside before. Restoration Hardware, Kate Spade, Express, Origins, Bloomingdales, Nieman Marcus, Nordstroms… all just to name a few!

Jess, figuring out a spot for us to eat. We walked over to the Gaslight district and ended up eating authentic Mexican food at a place called La Puerta. I ended up eating some spicy menu item that burned my mouth off. Aye!

CheeseburgHER was another “after party” on night three. I was so sunburnt I could barely stand being on my feet, so I was only there for minutes. It was sponsored by McDonalds and there was cheeseburgers, french fries and beds – everywhere. It was kinda weird because there was tons of older women there, bouncing on beds, and awkwardly swaying on the dance floor 80’s style. I jolted out of there pretty quickly. But not without taking a photo with Jess!Our last full day. Day four, coming right up!

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Sunny San Diego recap [Day 2 part 2]

Later, we were hungry so we ended up walking over to the Gaslight District to an Irish pub called The Field.

The mirrored elevator in our hotel!

Feeling goofy getting off the elevator heading to our room. We decided to dress up and head over to SparkleCorn, an after party. Jess let me borrow her dress, which I was hesitant onwearing at first since I felt like a Bridesmaid.  lol. But I clearly I was okay with it after a while. Like our Prom photo?All dolled up for a night at Sparklecorn!

I seriously dance like this. I’m so awkward. But at least I had fun!

I love this photo of Shannon and I dancing.

We quickly took it to the stage and ended up dancing on there for a while. I couldn’t get enough of the dance floor, clearly!That’s all I have for Day 2! See you tomorrow for another recap :)

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Sunny San Diego recap [Day 1 part 2]

Shortly after our shopping trip, we headed over to Ralphs grocery store after doing a bit of browsing around and shopping together. I noticed the booze was CHEAP in the states. Check out that huge bottle of vodka for $23! LOL Moses!I can’t believe there are things called Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs baaahh hahahaha. These were found at Ralphs (a grocery store). I was laughing, too bad I blinked!

Walking back to our hotel in the beautiful sunshine.

Some random street. But I liked it.

Spot the water behind the palm trees? Rememeber in my first post where I shot a photo of the aerial view from our hotel room? That’s the big circle/pool of water.

I’m honestly obsessed with palm trees, and trains. Two of my favorite scenes. Toes at the stop light! Our bellies were full, and our tiny bit of shopping was done. We had to pick up our registration kits for BlogHer so here is the view walking over. Luckily, we stayed at the same hotel that the convention was held, so we didn’t have to walk too far. In the Proctor & Gamble booth! Cupcakes!

We got a free bar of Ivory soap too. This was carved from a 600lb chunk of soap, now down to about 300lbs.

Lounge area of Proctor & Gamble.Peek-a-boo, Shannon and I!

I ended up winning $11 at the Retail Me Not booth trying to collect monopoly money. Shannon and Venessa won 40-something and 50-something bucks! How awesome!

Twizzlers sculptures, completely made out of Twizzlers! Insane, right?

Inside our swag bags we received a bunch of goodies, including some Snap Fish sunglasses.

Our loot for Day One.

Whewf that took a while. Okay, stay tuned for Day 2!

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