Sunny San Diego recap [Day 2 part 1]

Day 2 we started off by visiting the Expo again.

There was a Mr. Potato Head challenge, we had to re-create the look of what the booth-lady was doing in so many seconds, and we’d win a prize. I lost. lol.

There was a Febreeze “experiment” where we had to sign waivers, and enter a room blindfolded. I thought we were going to get sprayed by Febreeze. I feel drunk when I’m blind folded, all stumbly.

But no, we were actually being FILMED. If you’re a friend on my facebook, you can see the video there. It won’t let me embed the video here, and since my computer is broke I can’t upload it for you guys to see.

We headed upstairs to go to some of the seminars, where I also bumped into Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats! I didn’t have my camera on me, but it was so nice to finally get to meet her after reading her blog for a few years. I love it when people are just what you expected / and how they appear on their blog. So fun!

The photo below was taken on the roof top of the Marriott Convention Centre. Pretty, huh?

Hershey’s had a wonderful room set up like a campfire. I made my very first smore ever. It kinda tasted like a cookie. I think smores are more of a central/western thing. I’ve never made them while living in Newfoundland before.Shannon and I making smores. Cute little fire pit going on for our marshmallows.

Twizzlers had three monuments made completely out of twizzlers. This tower thing, a Statue of Liberty, and the Golden Gate bridge. So fun!

Time for a pee break at Charmin!I think Kudos booth hired some models. Check out the Ken-barbie doll model like men. Hawties!Can you spot my business “card”? Here’s a hint: it’s a button ;)


I liked handing out my business card/button to people because everyone I gave it to, stared at it a bit longer than they would’ve a normal business card. I think it was a neat move on my part, but I would’ve probably also liked to bring business cards to put in door prize draws. I’m not sure who’s going to be picking up buttons for giveaways.

Anyway, stay tuned for part two of day two later!

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Sunny San Diego recap [Day 1 part 2]

Shortly after our shopping trip, we headed over to Ralphs grocery store after doing a bit of browsing around and shopping together. I noticed the booze was CHEAP in the states. Check out that huge bottle of vodka for $23! LOL Moses!I can’t believe there are things called Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs baaahh hahahaha. These were found at Ralphs (a grocery store). I was laughing, too bad I blinked!

Walking back to our hotel in the beautiful sunshine.

Some random street. But I liked it.

Spot the water behind the palm trees? Rememeber in my first post where I shot a photo of the aerial view from our hotel room? That’s the big circle/pool of water.

I’m honestly obsessed with palm trees, and trains. Two of my favorite scenes. Toes at the stop light! Our bellies were full, and our tiny bit of shopping was done. We had to pick up our registration kits for BlogHer so here is the view walking over. Luckily, we stayed at the same hotel that the convention was held, so we didn’t have to walk too far. In the Proctor & Gamble booth! Cupcakes!

We got a free bar of Ivory soap too. This was carved from a 600lb chunk of soap, now down to about 300lbs.

Lounge area of Proctor & Gamble.Peek-a-boo, Shannon and I!

I ended up winning $11 at the Retail Me Not booth trying to collect monopoly money. Shannon and Venessa won 40-something and 50-something bucks! How awesome!

Twizzlers sculptures, completely made out of Twizzlers! Insane, right?

Inside our swag bags we received a bunch of goodies, including some Snap Fish sunglasses.

Our loot for Day One.

Whewf that took a while. Okay, stay tuned for Day 2!

[Missed San Diego Day 1 Part 1?]

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Sunny San Diego recap [Day 1 Part 1]

I’ve had to break up these posts into multiple blog posts because I didn’t want to overwhelm the blog with 50 photos in one blog post. So here is part one of the first day. Part 2 will be up tomorrow!

I got off the plane after what felt like a very quick almost 5 hour direct flight to San Diego. I headed over to the Terminal to meet the girls. But not without taking a ton of photos on the way over there.

The American Flag!

The pretty airport with tons of palm trees.

More of the airport — I was here a while ;)

This was the view from our hotel room. On the 20th floor, room 2011. Easy to remember!

The hotel next to us had a pool on the roof top. Can you spot it?

After dropping our baggae off in the room, we headed out to explore the neighborhood.

Nordstrom only a block away? Heck yea!

I requested a photo to be taken in front of the building. Love that place.

Right inside the doors.

We ended up eating lunch at Nordstrom Cafe in Horton Plaza Shopping Centre. I think our server’s name was Paco? :)

Nordstrom and a ton of other stores like Forever 21, White House Black Market, and Ann Taylor Loft were all in this outdoor mall type of thing called Horton Plaza.

Shannon and I posing :)

Jessica, Venessa, Shannon and I in the outdoor mall!

Checking out the photos we took. I love candid pictures like this.

Then we popped into a large Forever 21 where we spend a bit of time, where I purchased this necklace:

What next? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned for Day one part 2, coming tomorrow!

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