BECCA Cosmetics holographic line

BECCA Light Chasers and Liquid Crystal Lip ToppersYour skin is going to look like a magical unicorn all summer with these new BECCA launches. Holographic gloss, and pigmented highlighters in every shade of the rainbow? Got your attention yet? Just when you think you have enough highlighters…

BECCA Light Chasers and Liquid Crystal Lip ToppersIf there’s anything BECCA Cosmetics is known for, it’s bringing the glow. They’ve launched a whole collection of Light Chaser Highlighters in 6 gorgeous rainbow shades; and a coordinating 6 coloured Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses which are inspired by raw gemstones melted into liquid form, which flatters all skintones.

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip ToppersI haven’t seen anything quite like the glosses before. They’re a sheer gloss but incredibly light-catching with a wet-look to the lips. They literally have that kaleidoscopic look to them, like a highlighter for your lips. Rad hey. The glosses are infused with a coconut and vanilla scent with nurturing ingredients that will leave the lips soft and smooth.

The launch of the glosses and highlighters are coordinating with one another for a monochromatic look, ranging from bright pearls to bronzey-greens and pops of gold. You’ll want to stock up on them all!

You have six options to choose from with the BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss:

  • Pearl x Gold · Creamy pearl with a golden shift
  • Champagne Dream x Bellini · Soft peach with rose gold
  • Rose Quartz x Seashell · Rose with a hot pink shift
  • Amethyst x Geode · Lavender duo-chrome with aquamarine shift
  • Opal x Jade · Golden opal pearl with teal sapphire shift
  • Topaz x Gilt · Golden bronze with soft emerald

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip ToppersEach of the glosses can be won on its own or as a top coat over a lipstick. The gloss is designed to add a hint of holographic color and dimension.

BECCA Light Chaser Highlighters (for face and eye):

  • Rose Quartz x Seashell · Rose with a hot pink shift
  • Champagne Dream x Bellini · Soft peach with rose gold shift
  • Pearl x Gold · Creamy pearl with a golden shift
  • Topaz x Gilt · Golden bronze with soft emerald shift
  • Opal x Jade · Golden opal pearl with a teal sapphire shift
  • Amethyst x Geode · Lavender duo-chrome with a blushed garnet shift

BECCA Light Chaser HighlightersThe Light Chaser Highlighters can be worn alone on face or eyes, or layered on top of a blush, eyeshadow, or add as an eyeliner. Each of the shades will bring similar glow to BECCA’s other famous highlighters.

BECCA Light Chaser Highlighters and the Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss dropped in early June and are now exclusively at Sephora and BECCA Cosmetics. Earlier this spring BECCA Cosmetics partnered with Chrissy Teigen for a palette of bronzers, blushes and highlighters (see my review); and don’t forget about those gorgeous BECCA Sunlit Bronzers! Those are my #1.

Come back on Tuesday for swatches of the glosses on my lips! 


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