POM Friday . 9

Alfie is always such a great little sport, putting up with me dressing him in warm jackets or shower caps. I suppose he’s like me in the way he will do anything for a treat, right?

The weather isn’t nearly cold enough for him to wear his Canada Pooch jacket we got for him in 2012, but I sure love dressing him up in it, especially this time of year because it looks like a Santa suit!







Christmas-AlfieI may be biased, but isn’t he the cutest? Love our little schnogg. We will resume POM Friday’s in the new year — Merry Christmas from Alfie, The Guy and I!

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Wordless Wednesday

  1. Alfie loves cuddles!
  2. New stickers for pressing onto my nails. I’m excited to try these out!
  3. Macaroni and cheese on the balcony
  4. St. Tropez dark tanning mousse put to work! Look at the darkness of my legs.
  5. I got STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR!!!!!!!!!! (Though, it was only for about 30 seconds) It was hilarious and scary at the same time.
  6. New pink flats from Marshalls
  7. Patrick gave me a (him) going away present! Gumballs! LOL YAY!!
  8. Patrick and I, on his last day of his work term with us :(
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