I got a new flat screen monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel way sick. I ate so much today. Woke up, got a shower, headed to Starbucks with Johanna and the brit. Had me a mocha frap & got hyper off that. Oh, what expresso doesn’t do to me. Came back to my house, ate a whole bunch of food, lit the good ol’ fire and sat around and chatted for a good while. We even called Trev up in Halifax. That was fun. Sort of. :)

Hope Santa was good to everyone. Merry Christmas all, hope you have a fun New Year. I got a flat screen monitor. I didn’t ask for anything this year. But I just suggested to my Mom, that I’d like one. She said “No way, you are getting that. It’s too expensive.” So I didn’t get my hopes up. I was shocked when I opened it. That’s great. I also needed a new digital camera battery. I wore mine out. But it’s still good, for an hour or so. Yay.

I’m going to see my friends band play tonight, and get loaded. Maybe I’ll take my camera along with me and take some pictures!

Have a good one people. Later.

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Holy moly, my guns are smokin’

Frig b’y, I needs a haircut right bad! Maybe during Christmas, I’ll pop by Ron’s house and ask him to cut it for me, it’s way too long right now. Plus he does an awesome job on it, allllll the time & I give him presents (aka wine) haha when he does it for me :) I just got back from Christmas shopping. I only went for about 45 minutes, and I got all my presents, except for Trevors. I have NO idea what to get this guy. Trev, I know you’re reading this, what the hell do you want? haha.

I got my marks back from school. I got 3 A’s, and 3 B’s, I wish my marks were higher than they were. But I still have three semesters left, then off to Ontario or BC. Ooh the decisions. I know I’ve said that before. But I either want to go to BC or Ont. I’m probably going to end up in Ontario though, seeing how I love it there, and I’ve never been to BC. Jenna lives out there, so maybe I’ll visit her some day…ehrm.

I went to the gym with my buddy yesterday. Holy moly, my guns are smokin’. I’ve never went to the gym before, and just worked just one part of my body. But hoo wee, what a swell arm workout I had yesterday. I also went climbing after. Climbing again tonight. I hope I’ll be good to go. I’m sure I will be though. It’s climbing b’y, c’mon!

Tomorrow morning, I head over to the dental surgeons office, to negotiate getting my teeth out. Oh dear. Well, tomorrow won’t be so bad. I guess he’ll only look at my teeth, then the next appointment, he’ll be tearing out my poor teeth. Which won’t be a bad thing either, really. They’ve been bugging me since the spring. Hot damn. Maybe it’ll get rid of my shark tooth. BAM!!!

I e-mailed John Redpath (.com) asking him when the ‘Mile One: Bouldering In Newfoundland” video, Trevor and I were in, this summer. When it would be out. I knew it wouldn’t be totally finished til August of 2005. But I thought at least there would be a screening or something this Christmas. I don’t know! Bah! So, he got back to me, and just told me it wouldn’t be done til Aug. Poop. I wanted to have a sneak preview of it. I’m really stoked to see what it’s going to look like.

Something smells like it’s burning…and download the song I’ve got today. It’s hella good.

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Went out last night

Yesterday, the Graphic Designers and Production class had their last exam of the first semester. We all went out and had a ton of fun. There’s over 200 photos in the gallery. I warn you now. Oh, and there’s a funny video of Janelle, thinking she’s getting her photo taken. Everyone’s gone back home for Christmas, trouble I say. I’m headin out to a movie tonight, I should get a shower now…Anyway, I don’t really have anything to say. Later folks.

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