I shouldn’t be stressed out!

This is going to be a long entry. ‘Cause I doubt I’ll update again for a few days. So many assignments. Then once I’m done those, I’m going to enjoy my spring break! What in the name of fire, is wrong with me? I’m starting to become such a sissy. I’ve finished two of my six assignments. Some of which are over due. But, I have reasons and my teachers teacher is understanding of the situations that are going on right now. The Quark Xpress menu project took shorter than expected (only 3 hours!) My Dad came down to see my project. I was asking him what I should do with the main page of the menu, because it’s a 4 colored menu. The front page was too white. He kept asking all these tiny little insignificant questions, completely unrelated to mine. I got frustrated and just told him to never mind. When he left, I got teary eyed for 5 minutes or so. What the heck’s wrong with me? I’m getting assignments done. I shouldn’t be stressed out! I had a meeting with my teacher, the day before Spring Break. He told me that I’m subliminally stressed, and I should learn how to focus more. I guess I’m not one of those drama queen girls who exaggerate everything and stresses out and wants attention. I keep things to myself. Or write it in here or my lj. I told my teacher, that I was thinking of getting involved with Martial Arts. I’m not sure which type yet. But I’m thinking about it, and I’m kind of scared too, come to think of it. But I’m horrible at focusing. But once I get going, there’s no stopping me. I’ve been working on projects constantly for the past two days. I only left the house to feed my neighbours shitzu dogs that takes at least2 craps in the bathroom each time I go over to let them to do their thing outside. Friggers. I can’t wait til the owners get home – Tuesday. Ah!

Tonight, there’s going to be a slideshow of Rock Fall 2005. 16 dozen free beer! (Ti’s a shame I don’t like beer hey?) Everyone is heading downtown to get into this bar for free, and maybe some cheap drinks. I don’t think I’ll be drinking tonight, nor sleeping over at the climbing gym with everyone else. I’m not really in the mood. Plus I don’t want to be hungover on Easter morning. I’ve got stuff to do! Like friggen assignments!! I’m glad I did the two “hardest” ones first. They weren’t that hard. Just annoying and took forever, and a lot of creativity and definitely patience. What I’ve got left to do: Linear perspective drawing in Illustrator, 4 advertisements in Illustrator [Car dealership, Restaurant, Guitar Shop, and a Travel agency], Design a two-color, simple logo for any company – real or fake (<–I like this one!), and last but not least. A tracing in Illustrator. I’ve done tracings of myself [I really need to update that site. Super old digital work up there] before, but I’ve never saved them as an .ai format, and just as a .jpeg, so that sucks. I’ve gotta do one of those now. I think I’ll spend most of my time on that one. :)

I’m sending my condolences to my very amazing friend, and hostDave. I’m thinkin’ about you buddy.

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Spring breeeakkk

I’m on SPRING BREAK now! Before I go out and have a ton of fun, I’m going to be catching up on a lot of school work. I had a meeting with my teacher today, he told me that I’m doing fabulous on the computer, but I just don’t focus well, and I’m subliminaly stressed. Interesting. But I’m pretty sure it’s true.

I had my two week check-up, with my dental surgeon today. My gums are healing fine. It’s just that I still have these earaches, so he recommended me to my old ENT Doctor. I had troubles with fluid in my ear drums as a kid, so the infections are coming back and have been bothering me for two weeks now. Yes, of course it’s a result of the wisdom’s being removed, but it’s not supposed to be this on-going. I have an appointment with the ENT next week, so that’ll be awesome. Hopefully soon I can get my ears back to normal. It sucks, because it hurts so bad that every single day after classes and sometimes during lunch, I take naps to cure it. But naps never do cure it. Neither does Advil anymore. I don’t know. It’s just getting on my nerves.

I think I’m going to take a power nap, then get some supper and head up to the climbing gym. The day after the competition I put up a boulder problem. I haven’t finished it yet, cause it’s kind of sketchy and around the corner. A lot of people seem to like it though, it’s like a V2 or V3. Wee! Alright, super headache. Nap time!

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Comp summary

Competition went well. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, its the climbing comp) I coulda pushed harder in the pri-lim’s but whatever. I was in finals, made the route harder than I should have. Made mistakes. Got myself incredibly pumped, cause it was a long traverse, then up a negative wall. Placed 4th, coulda tied for 3rd, if I just matched on the hold i was supposed to match on, instead of touching the next hold. Anyhow. I was proud of what I did. I’m just sad that I’m not going to get any prizes haha. 143 videos & photos to be updated later … maybe. I gotta go back to doing my Quark Xpress calendar project, bye.

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