Addicted to cool whip

Just writing here to pass some time. Waiting for Trev to call me back to see if he’s hanging with us tonight, and Baker to come pick me up and head on down to a friends place. I curled my hair again tonight. I love the way it looks – it just takes forever to do it the way I like it!! So, I get my wisdom teeth pulled on St. Paddy’s Day. I really can’t wait to get them out, they’re bothering me more each day. I want a part time job, while I’m in school. But I’ll never find the time to work, since I’m going climbing 3-4 nights a week.. I doubt they’d accomodate to that hey? Ah well. I’m starving. I’m supposed to be having pizza at my friends place, but I can’t wait that long. I think I’ll go make me some cheeze whiz on a sammich’, oh baby! P.S: I just learned that I’m addicted to Cool Whip.

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Where did that bruise come from?

I have a bruise on the side of my head, and I don’t remember hitting it off anything. I feel really weak today. I’ve been getting enough sleep, and not climbing as much as last month, NOR hitting up the gym. So wtf is going on? Supposedly there’s going to be a snowstorm tonight, I hope so. I feel like I’m going to miss class tomorrow, but I shouldn’t. Maybe if there’s a snowstorm, I won’t have to worry about it!! :) I’ve been downloading some new tunes off Limewire tonight. (Leave a comment, with some house or chill artists hey?) I wanted some new ambient/chill music, as well as some new house. I’m too cheap to buy CDs. I really love the Fatboy Slim Live at Brighton Beach two CDs. Eventually I’ll buy those two, because I just do that when I like certain cds. We had TURKEY dinner tonight. So unbelievable. I love turkey. Aywrrmmmmyy. I was at school today, and I loaded up another canister of 26 exposures. I was supposed to go bouldering in a friends basement. But plans changed. Which is totally cool, I wasn’t really in the mood to head out. Plus the ISO is 100, and it’ll be a bitch, cause I’m probably shaky as hell, taking photos. I hope they turn out well though.. I can’t wait for the weekend. Guh! Oh I’m gonna hurl. Lates..

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I never know what to write

I never know what to write in here anymore. I know I don’t update enough. Oh well. Hopefully soon I’ll get back into updating daily, like the good ol’ days. My buddy Trev is coming over shortly (I think!), to come help me paint the second coat, downstairs in my basement. I think I may dump all my clothes out on the floor right now, and bring down my other dresser. I’m anxious to get it all finished and have people over – hee hee.

I just curled/scrunched my hair, for the first time in about two months. Usually I do it in the morning, but it looks like garb, so I usually sleep on it and the next day it looks poofier. Is that the right word? Looks like poo… fyer. Anyway.

While I was working in the press room at school today with, with my “TEAM SMART” team member, Stef. I kept ducking down behind the machine. She thought I was going insane, for sure.. but this one guy just kept coming around.. trying to snap photos! So strange. Another thing – I had photography class this afternoon. Everyone was going to develop their negatives at the same time, so 7 rolls. Some of my buddies tried to help us out, but the teacher told them to mix the solution some other way, instead of the way that they were used to. Anyhoo, as you would – listen to the teacher right? Next time, we won’t. We’ll do it the way Gord usually does it. So all our 7 rolls of film turned out to be a translucent purple. It SUCKS big time. I was so pissed off that I had to go home haha.. I took some sweet climbing pictures which can obviously be re-taken.. but it’s just a pain in the arse, when you TRY to take good photos with this old school camera, without a flash, adjusting the brightness on the camera, focusing.. taking your time with it all.. and kaboom. :( No photos. It’s alright, tomorrow, i’ll load up another canister with film I guess.

Leave a comment, tell me you visit here. Yea? That would be nice. Lata.

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