I just spent the whole day working on an iMovie on the Mac at school. I saved it really small, so I could upload it here and show you all. It’s a climbing video I put together. We’re supposed to present it to the class on Tuesday. Now, most of these photos aren’t mine. I got some off echo base and also found some around the internet. View the video I made if you’d like here: iMovie. So, I bought my plane ticket to Waterloo in November. That was super exciting. Now.. how many days is it until I leave? haha, I hate it when people count down days like that, especially on their msn name. For frick sakes, don’t you guys realize how annoying it is? ANyway…..enjoi the movie. I’m off to feed the dog.

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Scott’s trip!

Wow! Where have I been lately. Hmm, let me recap these past four days while Scott was in town. Oh, uhh.. how about amazing?! I had the greatest time with him. It was a perfect time for him to come visit me, because school just started two weeks ago, we haven’t really had any assignments nor homework, so I got to spend all of those full 4 days with my favorite guy. I’ve got some pictures here too, they’re right here if you want to view them.

I just got back from soccer. We were playing in drizzling rain, and incredibly windy weather. I won’t be surprised if I wake up tomorrow with the sniffles. My shoes are soaked, so they’re drying upstairs near the heater. Man, I’ve been playing a lot of left mid this season. Today, I almost got a goal. Hit the tip of the goalies fingers, went in a bit – she backed up and caught it again. Friggen frig is all I’m going to say about that! Oh, and I still haven’t recieved my nice new DC shoes. But by the UPS website tracking, it says they’re just in the next twin city. Hopefully they’ll arrive at my house tomorrow.

Well, back to cleanin up this messy basement of mine. Lates!

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I got exempted from Art History

Hitting the gym with two new gym buddies is great. Stef goes with me sometimes, and Trev and I have been working out during the wee hours of the night. Usually we’re the only two people at the gym, it’s friggen great. Especially having treadmill competitions with each other – running so fast my legs almost fall off the treadmill.. No laughing! Concentrate! Anyway, I think I have a routine set up for myself now. Working out most likely 3 days a week, rather than 6. Abs and 25mins of cardio each time I go, then break it up … triceps and chest, biceps & back day #2, and the third day of the week, I’d do shoulders and legs. Since I’m just going there to tone, I’ll do 4 sets of 10. Ohhh buddy. Some excited.

We started school last week, but didn’t have any real classes yet. I got exempted from Art History, thank the Lord. Even though it’s super interesting, it’s just borrring sitting on your ass for 3hours on Thursday mornings. I might just sleep in on those days, hehe.

THREE, just 3 more days until I pick Scott up at the airport. FLIPPIN EXTATIC I am.

I need some new tunes to put on my mp3 player, for when I work out. I like Hot Hot Heat now lately.. I also like this song I’ve got for the download of the day. I don’t like crazy fast house music, for when I work out…K i’m bored, cya!


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