New layout

I’m making a new layout for this website. Next term I’ll definitely be quicker putting up a layout, since FINALLY after years of teaching myself html/css, I can get taught how to use Dreamweaver and all those fancy programs. Who knows when this new one will be up, using notepad. I’ve got the colors picked out. Now, I just need to think of a graphic to put there. I didn’t really do anything interesting this semester to put up here, unless you want to see a packaging design for my main graphic. Maybe I’ll just head on over to gettyimages and grab something that pops out at me. I hope it’ll be up soon! :P

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Euro bills yo

hehe, I went to the bank today and got some Euro’s for spending money. I only got $100 Euro’s, their 10euro’s are pink – hehehe.. they’re so funny looking. As the money number gets bigger, so do the bills. That’s kinda annoying though.

Tonight I might go climbing. I went last night for a wee bit, but first I should stick to my plan: dust, vaccum, laundry. I still haven’t done any of this in weeks. It’s time. I hate being in a messy room, but it’s not messy really. Only stuff hasn’t been put away, such as some thank you cards, batteies on the desk, empty coke cans, I also need to write Laurie’s address in my brown book thingie.

mmokay, I’m bored. BYE

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Term complete!!

I can FREAKIN’ RELAX. I am finished all of my assignments for the TERM!!! Pheewwfff.

I played soccer again today. There’s only 5 players per team including the goalie, on the “rink” (it’s like an ice rink because it’s so bloody cold) at a time. We had 5 players to begin with, and one girl had to leave before the first half even ended. We were left with 1 goalie, and three of us out there. We lost, bad. The other team had 10 or 11 players, so they had a full team of substitutions. It was wicked, they were running all over us. The sides of my ass is sore from running, haha!!

Last night I went to two Christmas parties. I had some apple martinis; Oh they were delish. Umm.. alright. I’m gonna go upstairs and relax for the rest of the holidays. IRELAND SOON!

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