Dry skin?

Ugh. I’m so very well taken care of at work! It’s amazing really. I had a job before this one that I thought was too good to be true, and it was in fact. I was literally given an ultimatum, so I had to quit after eight months of being there. It was terrible and it brought me down so bad.

Anyway. The past few weeks it’s been getting dryer and colder outside, which in turn makes my skin suck all the moisture out, and out comes my yearly annoyance of eczema located in different random spots each year. I have no idea where I put my eczema cream that my dermatologist prescribed to me, but I’ve been itching all day at work. It hurts! So semi–off topic with eczema, my boss came back from lunch this afternoon and bought me this Avène Cold Cream lip balm. After applying continuous hourly coats of some no name brand I stole from Scott’s triathlon swag bags I believe that this Avène stuff is really one of the better products I’ve tried. I applied it once this morning and that was that! No more reapplying—I just rubbed my lips together and they don’t feel flaky or dry anymore. The lip balm is actually pretty expensive (and French), but I think I’ll be keeping this one on hand, constantly.

My boss bought a couple of things for herself, including this really soothing thermal spring mist spray stuff, that’s almost like water. I sprayed it on my face, but nothing happened because my face wasn’t sore or anything. But I sprayed it on my arm, where my eczema was and it stopped being sore, and red! Like, it’s totally gone! Plus all that avène stuff is all hypoallergenic for sensitive skin like mine. Maybe it’s not the best answer, and maybe I should find my prescribed stuff… but I’m quite impressed. If you want more info about the product line, you can view their American website here. Annnnd, if you’re Canadian, you can get all this awesome stuff at the beauty counter in Shopper’s Drug Mart.

I am all about it.

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Fun stuff!

More fun office supplies, for giveaways to promote our web site. I usually hand these out to the front–line staff who deal with our members. I love being the person who gets to pick out what we give away, these are the Krypton pens! The climber in me wanted to order some carabiner key chains so I purchased I think 250 of them? They kinda look like the ones I posted on the right hand side here, but they come in nicer colors. I’ll be sure to take pictures of those too :)

Just past Monday I ordered 500 more pens (like the ones I wrote about here) we go through them like candy here. As a kid I always walked through the stationary aisle of stores, and always picked out a pen or two to buy and…cherish lol. I swear, I’m not that weird but as you can see I really do love my job!

Okay, so I have to edit my blog entry and just add that I think 4imprint is the most fantastic promotional company I’ve dealt with. I just got off the online ‘Live Assist’ chat thingie with a 4imprint representative and requested a sample of one of the gel pens I was eying, and I totally got it. Should be here in 2–4 business days lol. AWESOME?

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Half way through the work week

Wednesday, finally a day where I got to sleep in on a week day. Monday and Tuesday I’ve been waking up at 6:30AM or so. Something my body doesn’t really like, and I’m especially not a morning person. Wednesdays used to be my early days, since we usually have staff meetings but that’s been cut down to just bi–weekly meetings. Awesome. This week has been really messed up. Let me detail it out for you lol…

Monday: wake up reeeeeally early and go to Chiropractor across the street from my apartment for 7:30. Get a ride to work with a co–worker who also frequents the chiro. We arrive at work at 8:00. I work until 6:00 to make up some hours that I took off in late October.

Tuesday: Wake up somewhat later than previous day. Same co-worker (such a sweet older man) picks me up from my apartment so I don’t have to take a two hour bus ride to our Professional Development Day at another location other than work.

Wednesday: Back to my normal routine of waking up at 8:00AM and getting into work at a regular time. Successsss.

I’ve been reminiscing and going through old photo albums that I had on my photo page. Somehow, over half of my photos have been removed, and I see that the albums are now ’empty’. I e–mailed Pbase about it, but since I only had trial accounts they decided to delete and purge all of them. Thankfully, BFF may have a backup and might send me some old 2003/2004 photos. That’s the reason why they were stored ONLINE — so I wouldn’t lose them, and look what happens. This is the second time that Pbase has done this to me in a matter of a few months. Unnecessary drama folks!!

When I get enough motivation, I’m definitely going to go through all 400 million of my albums and save them onto a CD and maybe buy a Flickr account.

Sigh. Memories are gone.

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