New flat screen? Perhaps!

Quick little update. I think you all should download this new swanky skin for MSN. There’s other options to choose from, other than my white background with red/amber/green dots. But yeah, it’s pretty nifty isn’t it! Click here to see a sample image. I’ve got to get back to some assignments, and turn off this bloody monitor, it keeps huming really loud. Even if I turn the refresh rate down, it goes ballistic after a half hour. Sooo, time for me to save up and get me a nice flat screen. Oh yeah.

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Projects and tests

School is insane. 

I’ve got so many projects with too many deadlines, and tests upon tests. Practical tests too, like setting up the preferating machine in the press room. Frig!!! Our mid terms are in about three weeks. Gah, it’s all flying by way too fast for me. I’m doing pretty awesome in school. I got 100% on my computer quiz, an A- on an assignment, and a B+ on another. My teacher was teaching us how to take apart the inside of a computer today. Since he’s known me for ages, he knows I don’t really listen in class, so he picked on me first, to go and put the computer together. Needless to say, I did it, but I was like “ACK, I wasn’t listening, I remember where this goes.. but not really.” Like the connector cables, I knew which one plugged into the hard drive, and one into the IDE connectors, but I forgot about putting the middle connector into the HDD, b/c I’d have to put a floppy drive in.

Anyway, danget, it’s hard to explain. I’m sure I’m not explaining it correctly, but I don’t care. Working out three days a week is sweet. I love it. Stef only goes on Wednesdays with me now. I think Meighan will join on Fridays, so that’s good. I don’t have to go by myself all the time. I was doing TWICE the amount of running, that I should have been doing. Yay me, in one sense, but God was it ever tiring. The personal Trainer dude, ran with me and Stef today, so I wouldn’t loose track of how many we were doing. Hah. I’m not a Xcountry runner, I get out of breath easily. So he was kinda teaching me how to breath. Nice I suppose. I’m not tired after I come back from a workout anymore. I think I should move my weights up. I shouldn’t really be updating. I should be doing homework. Gotta jet! LAter folks. :p

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DJ Dayhota

So, Dj Dayhota was flipping awesome. I took a bunch of photos (Just hover over the photos with your mouse to see what the photos say.) Other than that, my night sucked. Maybe it was because it was so quiet in the beginning, or, I got ditched by someone I really wanted to see. I’m sure they have a vaild excuse, but still. I was so disapointed. I did enjoy watching Dj Dayhota though. Woo WOo!! I’m so in the mood for Subways Baja Chicken right now. Oh YUM.

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