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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #9

Similar to yesterday’s post because I find these are the easiest to write out (a whole lotta mumbo jumbo in my head that needs to be written out), before I get into all the things I need to write about, update you on, and so on.

Thinking Out Loud Thursdays are one of my favourite types of posts to do. I really need to do them much more often, because they’re not all that frequent around these parts, are they.

Does anyone hold onto gift cards as long as I do to make sure they make the best purchase they can with the card? For me, I have about 3 gift cards waiting to be used in my wallet right now. I could be silly and splurge on the things I’ve been eyeing, but when it comes to the gift cards I feel like I should get smarter pieces. For instance, I have a Crate & Barrel gift card that I’ve had since December. So much on my want-list, but I should really but what’s on my need-list, ya know? Oh practicality.

Ghirardelli Sq icecreamNot excited at all for my Ghirardelli Square ice cream.

My computer is too slow for my clickin’ and movin’ the mouse around. My husband and I bought parts for it not too long ago and built it from scratch. But the darn thing is some friggen slow. I don’t even want to tell you how long it takes me to write / edit pictures for a blog post these days. It’s painfully slow, so much so I leave the computer for hours and do the rest of my daily routine. Technically my computer is fast, but I’m not sure what the heck I do to it to make it slow down so much. Oh I want to swear on it.

Sephora Santana RowSephora is opening up at Santana Row! I’m excited. Though I’m not sure why it’s opening there since the mall across the street but I’m not complaining. I go to Santana Row way more often than I step into the maze of a mall.

Green shoesShould’a bought these shoes at the outlets. Regretting that decision.

Today I’m going to head out around the town and collect all of my birthday goodies that I didn’t get a chance to do a few weeks ago. Anyone else do that? You know, the Sephora yearly birthday gift, Ulta gave me a coupon for something too, and I want to head to World Market and use up my free $10 coupon on a really nice candle.

Speaking of birthday gifts. Starbucks didn’t send out a free drink coupon to me this year, or last. Yet I received my gold starbucks card in the mail here in california so I definitely have my address up to date on their files. Sigh. First world problems, am I right? It’s okay, McDonald’s iced coffees are way better. But man I wanted a super huge gigantor smoothie drink from them this year.

What’s App voice messages are my favourite way to communicate with my buddy Megan now that she moved all the way back to Toronto. 5 minute voice recordings? Typical. :)

That’s all I have today. What are some random things going through your mind today?!

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #8

Whoa. I haven’t done a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post since October. Better get on that more often, they’re so fun to do — and get all my brain thoughts out on paper screen.

So, let’s get started.

I love the freedom I have with this blog. If I take a break, it doesn’t bother me (for instance that week break in early March when we had a visitor). But when I do let my work pile up, that’s when I start to get a little frazzeled. I’m still trying to think of a really quirky unique way to showcase a couple of products I received for review. I still have to review our huge king sized bed that we were sent to review (hint: we love it).

Want to see some stuff I bought recently from Muji? So during the weekend of our San Jose staycation I discovered that this was attached to the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose, and I didn’t have a chance to pop in because the weekend was packed. But I did keep it in the back of my mind to pop in when I was back from my climbing trip (which I have to tell you guys about still. The entire trip was so W E I R D!). I heard one opened up in Toronto and I was so gutted because I didn’t realize we had one down here in California (let alone more than one in the state alone!).

1314185416_nobones_danceBasically my excited dance when I stepped in the store. I’ve been told I dance like a weirdo, this was the closest representation I could grab from the interwebs. And I’m taking Megan there today, too since she’s coming down my way for a visit!

My friend and I were there for a good hour browsing around, so here are my goodies I picked up. I’m still eyeing a couple of other items but I want to wait to see if I really need them. You know, limited budget over here.

Muji-HaulI’m a sucker for simple design and useful packaging. Oh, and pens!

Look how they write! Just writing a list for my trip back home to Newfoundland, preliminary thoughts of what to pack though, this isn’t the only stuff I’m bringing. That list will get much longer :) What-to-pack-on-a-carry-on

If you don’t already know this about me I’m a huge stationary fan. Plus, these pens were $1.50 each. At other stores in the Bay Area for pens this tiny they cost 3x as much. I love needle point type of gel pens, thinner the better. The ones I picked up are 0.38 & 0.3, I prefer even smaller at 0.25. Enough with the geek speak. But I’m excited to show you how I style the toothbrush holder in our guest bathroom, that’s what the little while donut shaped thing is, along with clear toothbrushes. Ugh. Perfection.

I’ve been looking for a coin purse, and I thought I’d pick up this little clear one that was suggested to be used for beauty products (scissors/tweezers etc) but it works great for coins, and I don’t have to keep them jumbled up in my purse.

And lastly (I can’t believe how much talking I’m doing about these products I bought lol) I got a clear sliding plastic case for important documents. I have a ton of these around the house from Chapters back home in Canada, but I needed a couple of more for our Taxes 2014/2015.

One more thing because I bought them a few days ago. I randomly strolled through Target, and of course I had to take the escalator up to the second floor (I know. It’s a HUGE Target and I love it) to the shoe section, and I came out with two pairs. Which ones do you like better? Here’s something weird. Last summer I was a 9 in their sneakers (these one’s from my Instagram) and now I’m an 8. To be fair, I’m a true 8.5, but these shoes are a bit snug and the 8.5’s just slipped right off my heel. Anyway. I bought them. I’m happy!

Target-Black-FlatsThese black one’s are knock off’s of the new Vans sneakers. I like ’em, and I like the $24 sticker price.

Target-White-SneakersThen I got a pair of fake converse. I’ve been eyeing converse sneakers for years in white, but they make my feet look ginourmous. So I setteled with these, and!? they’re on sale for $16. Pshyeah.

What have you guys been up to lately?

Bought anything cool? Checked out a new store/coffee shop?

Or even tell me what you’re doing later on this evening!

Whatcha cooking for supper?

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #7

I apologize in the amount of reviews that went up this week. I don’t like doing that on the regular, so I hope you guys didn’t mind. It doesn’t always happen. It’s been a while since I sat down and discussed what’s going on in my life. So let’s have a chat, shall we?

I’m thinking of incorporating those weekly workouts into blog posts again, many people seemed to like those — do you? I’d insert a poll, but I don’t know how.

Speaking of working out. I had one of the two bouldering areas at the climbing gym, all to myself one afternoon. It was pretty cool for a few climbs, but then I got lonely and walked over to the front of the gym to have a bit of social interaction even though no one really talks to one another. I swear it’s like a fun house at that climbing gym. SO many “rooms” to choose from to climb and boulder in.Plante-Granite-Bouldering

I’ve been giving the chalk called Unicorn Dust by Friction Labs a go since I got back to pulling on plastic after my finger healed. It’s not 100% healed, I do have to tape up my ring finger like a poser, but it really does help. I want someone to take snazzy cool bouldering pictures of me outside. I mean I guess I could go to the crag myself and set up a tripod after I’ve done some boulder problems but I think that might be a little much. Side note, I bought the athletic tape at the dollar store I recently discovered in Campbell. Biggest dollar tree I have seen in my life. I love browsing through the dollar store for hidden gems. I swear I’m like a little old lady nodding my head to the seniors, strollin’ through the store looking for the best deals.Taped-climbing-finger

My friend and I hung out earlier in the week – I mentioned we went to eat at University Cafe in Palo Alto. But I didn’t mention that I stopped to take endless photos of ALL THE PALM TREES.Palm-Trees

My new friend was wondering if I liked all trees. I never really thought about it in that sense, and no — I have never stopped to look and admire a tree before, until my husband and I moved to California. It’s that Palm Trees have some secret special place in my heart that makes me so unbelievably happy. So when I spotted Palm Drive in Palo Alto, I had a skip in my step – take that literally, because I actually skipped ran and jumped when I saw it.Me-on-Palm-Drive

I think it’s a good thing to be excited over possibly mundane things. I hope that I never get used to Palm Trees and drive past them like they are a regular occurrence. Which, I mean – they are in California. But you know what I mean.Palm-Drive

My husband’s birthday is coming up so yesterday morning after he went to work, I got busy putting things together for his special day. I don’t want to reveal too much, because I know he reads my site from time to time. But fret not (I’m sure you’re so EAGER to hear about it all…right?) I’ll blog about the whole thing. I think this will be his most memorable birthday yet.

I popped into West Elm a few days ago and swooned over the gold place settings. Something I’ve had my eye on for a long time. I looked at the back and noticed it was gold plated, and not gold filled. I find gold plated will get scratched with time, and gold filled will stand up with time. Not that gold filled would be any more expensive either, because my Etsy necklace is gold filled and was twenty bucks on Etsy, and I haven’t taken it off since I bought it over 4 months ago. Gold-Place-Setting-West-Elm

A few nights ago The Guy and I finally set up the Nintendo Wii U that I won at BlogHer. Of course, since it’s mine I got the first go at it. Setting up our Mii’s had me in tears laughing. The things you can do to make them not look human had me in stitches. When that was finalized, we played Mario World and took turns. I forgot how fun Nintendo games are, and how much they cramp up my thumbs because I’m one of those game players who tenses up if I can’t jump out of the way in time. I was made fun of by The Guy because when I’m going to get eaten or fall off the cliff in the game, I mash the console in my hands, subconsciously praying that I’m hitting some correct button to save my life. He had a good kick out of that. He’s more logical, of course and is always telling me which buttons to hit when I’m playing. Kinda like a back seat driver ;) I’m used to it, so I tone him out. Hah!

Give SONGZA a listen. Pick a mood. Pick a playlist. I love oldies. I love blasting music and cleaning house. Or not cleaning the house and sitting down scrolling through Facebook, IG, and Twitter. You know how it is.

Wow. This post was all over the place, a lot longer than expected. But isn’t that the fun of it?

Tell me something random.

What made you happy this week?

Have you ever had a Nintendo system? I had a GameBoy that my Dad and I used to play together, trying to beat one another’s scores on Tetris, and Mario World.

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