Fitness Recap: Climbing 5.11c’s

I pluralize that like I’ve climbed more than one 5.11c last week. Don’t let my over-exaggeration fool you, only one was on sighted last week but I’m still pretty stoked about it.

Have to be honest, it’s hard getting back into workout out after two weeks of relaxing with family visitors, eating all the food, and having fun. Not that working out isn’t fun, because climbing, bouldeirng, and yoga is definitely exciting to me. But you know how it is.

I worked out twice last week. At least climbing/bouldering was incorporated into those two workouts along with 75 minutes of a yin yoga class, where the instructor came over to me in the most jam-packed yoga class I’ve ever been in, asking me if I was in pain. No ma’am, I’m not in pain — I’m simply inflexible in my entire right side of my body, workin’ on it.

511cSneaky Ellen taking pictures of me climbing the 5.11c. I’m talking about this constantly in my blog post, because I’m super happy I climbed it. My legs were doing the sewing machine bobbing up and down, because I seriously thought I was going to pop off the route at any moment. It was crimpy 3/4 of the way, definitely my style. However, in the picture above I’m stemming on crimps. I’m terrified of stemming, simply because I feel that if I fall unexpectedly, I’ll scrape my entire face off the wall. I don’t know, it’s obviously a mental thing, but I need to continue climbing those sorts of routes to get over it. It’s not happening quick enough for me.

Random questions:

Tell me 2 things that you’re excited about today

When is the last time you tried a new-to-you sport?

Guess how old my climbing harness is

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  1. Two things I’m excited about today…
    1 – Being into my 3rd trimester of pregnancy!
    2 – That my hubby didn’t have to travel for work this week! woohoo :)

    The last time I tried a new to me sport…hmm. Probably the kettlebell/kickboxing class I took about a year ago. Does that count? I’d never done anything like it before and it was definitely challenging, but awesome at the same time.
    Jill recently posted..Bump Date: 28 WeeksMy Profile

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m scared just looking at that picture!! Rock climbing is NOT for me. You’re awesome! A rock star. (pun intended).

    Let’s see…I really cannot remember the last time I tried a new to me sport. Maybe kayaking a couple of years ago?
    jan recently posted..TOO. MANY. CHOICES.My Profile

  3. Aaah you make me want to climb so badly. I desperately need to recruit a climbing buddy. Everyone’s moved away or quit here .
    I’m excited about… wedding planning (we booked our venue!) and our holiday abroad on sunday! Woo! Can’t wait.
    The last time I tried a new sport was probably aerial silks, and that was a year ago. I enjoy it. I learnt a few kickboxing moves in recent months too but I don’t train in that discipline.
    Is your harness 10 years old? Mine is getting on, it’s six. Have you ever taken a big fall on it? I’ve never fallen badly outside (I remember swinging horizontally and scraping my leg on a route that wasn’t straight up, but I was seconding so it wasn’t too bad). I’ve fallen probably a maximum of 2.5m down, but mostly off overhangs.

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