The Nike Free obsession

I only purchased my pink nike free’s in April and I’m already on the hunt for a new pair. At first I was looking for a backup of the pink one’s, with little success since they are an older model and no longer in stores. I found mine on Ebay. Lucky strike. However after using my pink Nike Free’s at CrossFit for the last few months the grey tips of the soles are starting to wear and they’re now white. CrossFit is hard on shoes.. lol

Yesterday I fell in love with the BLUE one’s on this blog. They’re new apparently. So I’m going to head to my local Sport Chek to scope them out. Canadian’s cannot order from the website, which is stupid because in this day and age shoppers should not be discriminated just because we live in the mother land! BAH!


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  1. I have a blue/pink pair of Nike frees. I think they are the older ones, got them at the running room outlet store in etobicoke for around 100. Love them, first pair of runners that are not ugly.

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