Causing trouble

Causing trouble with my online shopping addiction to shoes. I shouldn’t say shopping addiction, but lust-after addiction that I rarely go through with. But check out the freaking shoes I found on Victoria’s Secret website. If I had endless amount of money to spend on frivolous things, I’d be  buying these.




One thing in common. I love all the tan/stone colored suede ones. Hmm. Okay maybe I don’t like the last pair as much as the first pair. I mean, where the heck would I wear those. Right? Plus I have pasty white legs. I don’t know maybe they’d look good with summer clothes … in the summer, with a tan. But I couldn’t wear that stuff to work and I rarely go out. Guess I’m happy I never even thought of purchasing them. Just oggling them, haha.

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  1. Being a climber you don´t need it but… they include a ladder on the pack?. The tallest heels ever seen on my whole life.

    Nancy says: lol nope!

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