What’s happenin sunday

Funny how you absolutely long for the weekend, but when it gets here you’re too tired to do much. I keep napping during the day. I hate that! Yesterday was just like that and I had so many plans. I did end up making some pancakes and going shopping though, so it wasn’t a total write off.

Today I think while we’re going to do our weekly grocery shopping, I’m going to pick up some multi vitamins as I’m still pretty exhausted even while I’m getting sufficient sleep. Poor Alfie hasn’t gotten enough play time during last work week as I was ill and wanted to sleep as long as possible before going to work.

alfie-bundeled-upHe and I were hanging out in my warm Banff hoody last night. He was so content here for a good half hour, not budging, just sitting out in my hoody, chillin and being a good pup. He even poses for the camera! HAHA

I was in dire need of some new black shoes since my $19 P.O.S. black flats from Reitmans just weren’t cutting it anymore. Who knew they sold shoes!? I never step inside that store, but there’s one in the mini-strip mall where I buy our groceries and glanced in once, when I was walking by and saw some cute ones, so I bought them. Needless to say they didn’t even last a year — figures as much.

I had a gift card since Christmas and I still hadn’t spent it, so I went to WINNERS! Picked up these beauts.

shoes2I’m actually not 100% on them just yet. They look so narrow, and I wanted flats. These are wedges. We shall see though. I guess they’ll grow on me!

shoes1RW&Co had some cute tops, got this one for twenty dollas. I like the square neckline of this one. It also looked more orange in the store, which was nicer.

topI went into Old Navy looking for a hot pink cardigan for super cheap, but they were more expensive than the ones sold at Jacob! Uh, no thanks. But I saw they had some $10 scarves on sale. Not bad not bad! Nice for summer?

scarfI contained myself and only bought one, even though I had five in my hands. Also I realize my mirror looks nasty, apologies go out to the dollar store windex.

OOH! Erin had her baby boy the other night! Go see the cute pics on her site/twitter! I can’t get over how much a baby can look like someone — because he’s identical to her. His nose, and eyes — even though I have only seen like two pics… i swear I can tell lol.

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  1. Are you me? That is pretty much my weekend every weekend. All week I’m all WEEKEND WEEKEND, and then I crash.

    Finding the right flats is so impossible, it takes me hours looking for some that fit just right.

    Btw, I just stumpled onto your site, I love the design!

  2. I love Old Navy and just got a cute pair of shorts on sale this weekend. Ironically they are gray and pleated (I know…sound eww) but they were surprisingly so cute!! :) Happy Sunday!

  3. alfie looks super cute on that picture! =]

    Nice purchases by the way. I’m going to the mall now to meet some friend and maybe watch a movie. I hope i can control myself and get out of there without buying anything.

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