I’m no professional buddy…

It’s funny. When you tell people what you’ve been doing in your spare time; for me… it’s working out at the gym maybe twice a week. They automatically think you’re the fitness-queen, a gym junkie, or someone who really knows their stuff. They’re all coming up to me and being like “does nutrisystem really work”? Honestly, I have no idea but I’d just rather give them an answer of a big fat NO. People – you need to be motivated to work out. Having a belly roll is enough for me to start working out and thankfully my body is forgiving with toning up quickly. Just because I’m thin, doesn’t mean I’m fit. I wasn’t, when I re-joined the gym. Soccer was my only form of physical activity and I loved junk food. The more the better.

As soon as you start working out, something weird kick starts in your brain and you actually don’t crave the junk food anymore. It’s honestly a miracle for those sweet tooth lovers like myself. But also, since getting a puppy I’ve been eating a pretty balanced meal since having him in our household. In the morning I now wake up an hour earlier and eat breakfast with the dog. I come home and need to let Alfie go “potty” and I eat a healthy lunch. Before, it used to be: wake up as late as possible so I can get more sleep, then rush to get a shower, blow dry hair, get dressed, and bring a granola bar into work. For lunch I’d have a frozen dinner. Supper would be my biggest meal. Isn’t breakfast supposed to be the largest?

Regardless if I’ve got the dog less than a week ago, and I’ve only been sweating at the gym for less than a month. I’m changed for the better, and lets hope I can keep this up.

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