Nothing is good enough

I feel like I’m so overwhelmed and I should just go out and purchase a brand new car which will end up costing me less than the Mazda 3 hatch in white, automatic transmission that I’m ever so holding out for.

I have definitely ruled out almost all the other possibilities. I’ve been going to other car dealerships to get a different perspective. Toyota: Matrix, Yaris, Yaris Hatch, Corolla. Kia: Forte, Soul. Honda: Civic. VW: Golf, Jetta, Rabbit. Subaru: Impreza. Hyundai: Accent, Elantra, Touring.

Those are all No Thank You’s in my book. The Subaru impreza hatch definitely did stand out more so than the other cars I mentioned. I told my boyfriend if I didn’t get my Mazda before winter this year I would save up and buy the impreza next spring. I still don’t think I love it as much as the Mazda despite the Subaru’s 4wd.

Hyundai was having a huge sale, I went to their dealership last weekend and my boyfriend test drove the three cars that I listed. (We just got back from Go-Karting and I didn’t know I was planning on visiting dealerships). An accent hatchback in 2009 — brand new. Mind you they only had one color left in automatic transmission (silver) but it did indeed have a sunroof. They were offering me $3,500 off the sticker price. Bringing it down to $14k + tax. Sweet deal right? Nope. I’m holding it out. I have my heart set on that Mazda. Not easily pleased when spending fifteen thousand dollars. It needs to be perfect. Well, it was pretty much perfect except I kept thinking to myself that the accent was not the car I wanted to be driving for X number of years.

On Friday night I joined a Mazda 3 forum, and I’ve been reading pro’s and con’s about the car constantly. I even had a few members private message me offering to sell their WHITE MAZDA3 HATCH to me. But both of them were manual transmissions, and even though I do know how to drive a stick. I don’t want to buy one. I didn’t have enough practice with it when I took lessons, and I don’t want to start driving my first manual car in th middle of winter. The guys and girls on the forum told me they’d keep their eyes peeled for me.


I hold on, until the perfect one like this comes along, low mileage, mint condition, almost brand new. Except? I’m not going to go look at it. It’s a few hours away and it doesn’t have a sunroof. *Deep breath*

I will have my ‘dream’ car, and when I do I will be so extactic.

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  1. Right after my holidays I saw the pic on your previous post and I was thinking……….Nancy has just bought her dream car!!!!!!!! Don´t surrender you will find the deal!!!! I would get a manual car blind eyed, it will take you half an hour to become an expert driver.

  2. I love the look of the Mazda 3 and was even considering buying one. Then I drove down the highway and counted like 15 Mazda 3’s in 20 minutes… so that kinda killed it for me. I have a 2001 Hyundai Accent that I bought brand new when I was 16 and it is seriously the best car. I might just have to get another one!

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