3 snow days in a week

So that makes 3 snow days, in 7 days. All my Dreamweaver classes, kaputt. Yesterday, I went into school at 10:30, but by 11 o’clock rolled around, security went on the PA system, and told us that the school was closing. Well, I did learn somethingin school yesterday. I had my teacher come over to me for some one-on-one help with a certain flaw in Dreamweaver. I’m putting together a children’s website, for my employer’s client. It’s almost complete now. I contacted the host/server guy and he’s going to set them up with a DNS server. Huzzah.

Shovelin’ give me da PIPES. I woke up at 7, only to realize that there won’t be any school again today. Mind you, I did quite a lot of school work at home yesterday. Be proud of the fellow procrastinator. I was so motivated. Anyway, I slept until 9, because my Mom called my cell. Peepers had come in from the outdoors and had some yucky stuff on her feet. You don’t wanna know. Cleaned that up, put on my winter gear and trudged out with Peeps to shovel a path for her to do her stuff. While I was taking a break, I sat in the snow with her. She got really hyper then, so I started making these awesome snowballs and tossing them in the air, while she was catching them – wanting more. It was super cute.

I’m off, to work on my magazine again. It’s coming along! All the style sheets, master pages, some ads/editoral are done. Drag’n’drop’er in.

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