Missing the heat

Missing Scott already. It’s been 1 day since I’ve been back on the rock, and the weather here is terrible. I remember it being 35ºC/95ºF up there, and then once it hit 24º[75ºF], I was wearing jeans. How sick is that? Then once I got off the plane, and Mom and I were walking to our car, it was like winter weather. It was I’d say 10º/50º with rain, drizzle and flipping fog. I cannot wait to finish my diploma at school and move out of the province.

I’ll upload some photos once I go through them. It’s been a retarded little while. Reunion summer. Saw Dale tonight, and I haven’t seen him for three years.. soon BC Boy Jon (no lemon juice for you, mister!) is coming to Newfoundland and we’ll hang. Then my cousin (Who i saw in Ontario), is on her way right now to Newfoundland, but she’s driving – I need to show her George Street for sure, she hasn’t been to the rock in 8years.

Today I met up with Dale, and our friend Iain, we headed to Le Manche and walked around the suspension bridge for a little bit, hung out – took pictures. Came home for a bit, then headed out downtown to grab a bite to eat and chill at a pub for a few. It was great to see him again. Everyone said it was surreal hanging out again, since we hadn’t seen eachother for quite some time. Next time, we’ve been told that we have to trek it up to B.C. It’s our turn next. We’ll see….

I got some good news, and bad news. Good news first: My father got good news back from the Chemo Doctor. He doesn’t need to go through it now, after October he’s all finished. Bad news, my Brother’s fiance lost her baby two days ago. She was 21 weeks pregnant. My brother is a complete state right now. I’ve been on the go since I got home yesterday, so I haven’t had a chance to call him. I’m gonna do that tomorrow as soon as I wake. I know it’s half morbid that I posted this on my public website, but some friends who moved away read this site to kind of keep in touch with me. So instead of emailing.. I’m doing it here. But, anyhow.. we’re still going over to Ireland to visit the new family, and I’m so stoked to do that.

I’m craving some of the breakfast from Mel’s Diner, the last afternoon I spent with Scott. It was a nifty place that totally suited me, as I love the oldies (30’s, 40’s and 50’s). They had posters of Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra and all these famous guys and gals. They were playing cute boppy music from back in the day, and the hosts were wearing “Pink Ladies” and other uniforms of the kind. I was so impressed. It was a 24hr diner, just like we have here at Oscars.. but the food was so cheap, and the food preparation was unbelievably fast! It was awesome.. I had a perfect trip. Scott, if you’re reading this – Thank YOU!! xoxox

Anyhow.. check back soon for updates of photographs I took in Waterloo. There aren’t many interesting photos as I was just riding on a bike along the train tracks by myself, taking snap shots of things I saw along my journey. Scott was working most days, so I had to entertain myself :)

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