v4 crux

Okaaay, so I went bouldering Saturday afternoon/evening. I even missed the Banff Film Festival because I was working this V4, and got past this crux I was stuck on for weeeeeks man. So, I got it, a few people saw me get this boulder problem. I was smiling ear to ear the whole day after. It was so great. I was working this boulder prob for 5 weeks maybe, and I got it. Went in tonight, couldn’t get past the part I was stuck on for weeks and weeks – again. So. I went home. My knuckles are sore. I’ve been drooling over this zip up, for days now. I think I may get it someday. I can’t be all crazy with my money lately. Things have been happening unexpectedly so that’s taking a damper on things. Oochay, the tips of my fingers burn, just typing this. I love it. “I love climbing, because it feels so good when I stop” haahaa.. I read that somewhere. I’ll be posting up my recent school projects/art work I’ve been doing in Illustrator, when I get the time. Be excited yo!

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