Yoga fan, right here!

I’m forever changing up my routine with working out.

Sometimes I need a break from CrossFit. Last week I didn’t go at all. Now this week I’m going to the local YMCA with my co-worker. I’m not planning on having two “gym” memberships because CrossFit is running at about $100/month so adding onto that seems a bit excessive right now. I grabbed a free two week pass on the Y’s website and off I went to Yoga last night for the first time in a few years, I’ve done it a handful of times in the past but didn’t really enjoy it.

I’m planning to go back a lot during these next two weeks. But I’m not interested in paying $60/month to attend the YMCA. I think the reason I enjoyed it so much yesterday, was because the instructor kept telling us basic, intermediate and advanced moves. Then walking around the class to fix the moves. I also enjoyed it because I felt stronger and could do more intermediate things. For instance, from the downward dog into the plank position and down into a pushup with your elbows tucked into the ribs. But not have your body touching. I felt strong!

I really wanted to do this tree (?) pose. I remember doing that in a few other classes before.


We also did a few different Warrior poses. I felt it was a bit difficult to keep my hips open. It definitely worked my butt, and hamstrings to keep my leg straight. You betcha my legs were quivering by the end of the pose.


I’m not sore anywhere yet. I usually get DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness), so I’m wondering if/how sore I’ll be tomorrow. My triceps feel like I’ve done something different. That’s a good sign…

I’m now looking into Yoga classes around my area that aren’t $10/class. I think I’m hooked, and maybe I can incorporate it into a morning routine. Because going to CrossFit in the morning is so out of the question. Going that hard, that early when I’m already not a morning person? Nuh uh.

Do you go to Yoga? How often?


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