McDonalds gave me a Christmas present

 So many fun things happened this week.

First up I’ll post my outfits that I wore to work this week. That’s a lot of red going on. Guess I’m subconsciously feeling festive?ootwwIt’s pretty windy outside this morning, hence the face.

Secondly let’s talk about food. Holy guacamole my work is amazing. We had two sponsored lunches this week. Monday we had pizza and yesterday we had TURKEY DINNER. Crazy right. I am the messiest eater ever. Where’s my bib? Pepsi flung down my shirt (I don’t even know myself), and gravy strewn everywhere. It’s a common phrase that people use on me on almost a weekly basis: “Nancy, we can dress ya up but we can’t take you out.” I will admit that is 100% true..turkey dinner

Also have been drinking some Starbucks peppermint white mocha’s. #PeppyMoXo on twitter…catchy name. PeppyMoXO

Not only that… McDonalds made me McSmile (cue the cheese… burger) with a Christmas gift filled with all sorts of treats. I posted it on Facebook and Twitter thanking them for the presents. I don’t really know why they sent it to me, other than the fact that they tell me I’m their biggest fan. I can’t believe I’m noticed. Maybe that means I eat there too much. The bag contained 2 McCafe mugs, a pkg of coffee, and some coupons for fries, wraps, drinks and burgers.  When I opened the superbly large box it came in, I literally did a hysterical laugh. No joke, it sounded manic and two of my coworkers came running into my office to see what the commotion was all about. Then I started dancing and twirling with my new “purse”.

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