Addicted to Stationary (here’s a haul for ya)

Stationary-HeaderA post from me, a little out of the ordinary. But for those who’ve known me ages, know it’s not out of the ordinary that I spend a good hour or more in a stationary store. And ya know San Francisco Bay Area has a ton of them. I’ve even made trips to San Francisco JUST to visit these said stores.

I’ve always been a pen/pencil/marker/stationary/notebook collector my entire life. I have tons of little notebooks back home in Newfoundland filled with the same type of cartoon characters, over and over and over again.

My stationary and writing utensil game hasn’t changed at all. I’d like to think it all came from my Father being an Architect and he wore that off onto me a little bit, with the fascination of different pen tips, and whatnot. So, I’m here to share a little bit of goodies I found while shopping around the past few years here in California. I’m especially loving the Japanese stationary stores, all sorts of wonderful gems in there for a fraction of the cost of what I’d find elsewhere.

First up are some items I was sent from Cool Pencil Case (sent for review).cassette-pencil-caseSince I’m an 80’s baby I knew immediately I wanted to get the Tape Cassette pencil case. It’s AWESOME. I wonder if kids these days know what this is? I should ask my nephews, hah.

Pencil-caseIt has a zippered pouch and you can hold tons of layered pens on top of one another due to how the zipper is sewn on, so you’re not limited to how many fits across. Make sense? Kinda wish the inside had a pattern or something, the beige is kind of boring in my opinion.


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