Adding to our UPPAbaby VISTA!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. All opinions are 100% mine.
Full disclosure, I received this stroller when bebs was an infant, Winter 2018. I wanted to update you since we’re having our second child, we still use it daily, and love this stroller so much!

We’re making our UPPAbaby VISTA into a double stroller! 

We’ve added a second seat to our UPPAbaby VISTA. The Rumble Seat has arrived and I’m figuring our configurations as to which suits our needs best. From when bebs was an infant, we have the bassinet, so the new little one will be going in that for the first few months until they’re ready for the Rumble Seat (which is great for 3 months old and onwards). 

On UPPAbaby’s website, they have the VISTA expansion tool for you to figure out what type of configurations work for you and your family, and what adapters you’ll need – there’s multiple ways! So much functionality with this one, as you can face your kids towards you, away from you, facing one another. Add a bassinet, add a carseat. Endless opportunities here folks. 

So many things I love about the VISTA. It can be a single/double/triple yielding stroller. Add your rumbleseat and upper adapters and it becomes a double stroller. Add a piggyback ride-along board makes it a triple. We are pretty much fully decked out for 3 kids (no we’re not going to have a third omg), because we already have the piggyback ride-along board for bebs. He calls it his  skateboard, and I’m going along with it because it’s the cutest thing. I also preferred this stroller over side-by-side strollers because I knew in advance we were hoping to expand our family to 4. It’s an inline stroller (and feels more compact) so walking around and going in and out of stores (and through the aisles) isn’t an issue. Not that we’re doing any of that at the moment, due to the world pandemic we’re in. We’re steering clear of stores. 

The storage basket on the bottom of the VISTA is huge and easily accessible from the front or the back of the stroller. You may already know this, but we also have the UPPAbaby MINU and the basket for that is a fair size too, and fits my always jam-packed diaper bag (which holds the essentials, diapers, snacks, toys, you name it). 

Since Bebs is the big brother, he’s going to stay in the main seat that comes with the stroller as he’s almost at the weight limit for the Rumble Seat (suitable for 3 months to 35lbs whereas the main seat is good for up to 50lbs). It would make more sense for the new babe to be closer to me, but that’s all I can do – I can’t do anything about my first borns weight, ha! I don’t think I’ll really know how I prefer to set up the two children in the UPPAbaby VISTA until I’m actually living it, have gone on a few walks with both of them. Perhaps, if you’re interested I’ll report back in 2021 and give you another update on it when the new beb is 3+mths old. 

Learn more about UPPAbaby strollers and products. 

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few months back, when I had yet to announce my second pregnancy, I put a question box on Instagram stories to gather up some Q’s people may have regarding the two UPPAbaby stroller we own: the UPPAbaby VISTA, and the UPPAbaby MINU. 

UPPAbaby VISTA vs UPPAbaby MINU which is right for you? 

First of all, on any UPPAbaby stroller, any grey button will do something for you. Keep that in mind! Our UPPAbaby MINU is much more compact and a one handed fold that I’ve got down pat and can carry my toddler and do this one-handed fold with the other. Once folded it has a carrying strap that you can put over your shoulder. The MINU itself is 15lbs (VISTA is 25lbs) so it’s not heavy. We’ve brought our MINU home to Newfoundland Canada twice and gate checked it both times using the travel bag. Tip, store some extra clothes or diapers in the travel bag to alleviate what you’re carrying on to the plane! The MINU can be stored in overhead bin compartments on airplanes but I have yet to try that. I believe it to be the perfect city stroller to maneuver around town. It’s narrow, but sturdy and has significant basket space. We keep our MINU in the back of my trunk at all times, so it’s ready to go whenever we are, it obviously folds down significantly smaller than the VISTA, and in my hatchback car – all the trunk space is needed. Honestly I thought the MINU would feel like a true compact flimsy stroller, but it doesn’t. The quality far exceeded my expectations. 

Our UPPAbaby VISTA is our ideal companion when it comes to our strollers. You can also fold this one into a standing fold with a few extra steps. It offers plenty of features whether you’re exploring your city or traveling on an airplane. Both strollers have a nice smooth suspension when pushing them along multi-terrains. The wheels also resist punctures wounds, so you don’t have to worry about changing tires. The basket in the VISTA can hold up to 30lbs, so when I was walking to our local grocery store you kow I took advantage of piling everything in there. This stroller I often use one handed as I’m walking Alfie with the other and he wants to take off sniffing on someone’s front lawn, you know how some strollers have a mind of their own and just take right off? Not this one, this goes wherever I want with little effort.

So clearly, I could go on and on about these two strollers, their features and the reasons why I think you should invest in an UPPAbaby. But, I think you get the point. 

Now, down to the questions that I received  — which one is my favourite? Which one do I recommend for you? Which one do I use more often? I don’t think I can answer that, because they’re both quite different from one another. But I will tell you, if you’re living an urban lifestyle and are seeking a secondary stroller for travel and errands than perhaps the compact MINU will be great for your family. If your family is growing, and whether you’re a suburban or urban family the VISTA has many options to choose from (see my blog post here about our VISTA how it can grow from 1-2-3 kids). I love both of these strollers equally. We’ve been using our VISTA more during this world pandemic, seeing as we’re simply sticking to our neighbourhood outings around the block. We go on walks twice a day, upwards to an hour each time. I have the MINU in the trunk of our vehicle for trips to the store, the park, etc. I hope this helps to answer any of your questions regarding the two. If you have any more, please leave me a message or questions you may have in the comments. 

Some quick facts about our two strollers:


  • Add a bassinet (good for babies from birth to 20lbs) which has an extendable UPF 50+ sunshade and the canopy unzips for added airflow.
  • Add a rumble seat to make it a double stroller (rumble seat is good for 3 months to 35lbs).
  • Add a piggyback ride-along board
  • 6 different recline positions on the toddler seat (which comes with the stroller).


  • Great for children age 3 months to 50lbs.
  • Multiple recline positions.
  • Easy to fold one handed while holding child in the other.
  • Add a bassinet (It’s called From Birth Kit).


  • Has viewing window that has magnetic closure for checking on bebs.
  • Has UPF 50+ sunshades.
  • Leather handlebars.
  • Significant sized baskets for storage.
  • Both have a brake system. On the MINU there’s two pedals.
  • Both have the option to add a carseat or a bassinet.

Make sure you register any and all of a baby purchases on their website. Their customer service is amazing with regards to broken parts caused either by airlines. We’ve had to replace part of the MINU canopy after our second trip across North America from our last trip to Newfoundland. UPPAbaby stands by their products, and want you to be a happy customer. Make sure to also follow them on social media they often have giveaways to win strollers and accessories. | UPPAbaby Facebook | UPPAbaby Twitter | UPPAbaby Instagram  | UPPAbaby YouTube | UPPAbaby Pinterest

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A Canadian Christmas

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

You guys! We made it! We’re in Canada now! Everyone is here, and everyone is freezing – but I am so beyond stoked right now.

I haven’t been back to Newfoundland during snowy season in two years. I can’t believe it – that time flew by I guess because I definitely don’t miss snow (did I mention that it’s SO cold here?), but appreciate it for the short time that I’m fully in it. The last time I was home during winter, was the extended trip when my Father had passed away in 2016. We used to head home regularly, but last year was full of Alfie’s cancer appointments, and me being super-pregnant and unable to travel. We’ve headed home to Newfoundland on a happier note this year as we bring home our sweet little California baby, to introduce him to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time. He’s not getting a ton of naps in during the day because of all the goin’-on’s, but he’s so tired come bedtime he’s almost sleeping through the night. Almost. Hallelujah.

It’s the first time that we traveled anywhere as a family of four including Alfie. I mean really, he never not joins us. Navigating the airport was thankfully not so bad since we checked two suitcases and that lessened our load of carry-ons. Bebs did better than expected on the two long flights back to Newfoundland, and only screamed once or twice ;) My tips (that other Mom-friends told me – I can’t take any credit) – bring all the snacks, allow all the cartoons, change babys diaper before you board. I ended up bringing a new toy, and his favourite teddy bear. I guess a 10 month old baby is somewhat easy to entertain (ie: he was playing with a plastic drinking cup when the airline gave me a drink of water). Score.

We ended up getting the UPPAbaby MINU for the trip home. I first saw the UPPAbaby MINU advertised online, then my Mom-pal Emily ended up getting one for her little boy (who is just a few weeks younger than bebs). When I saw it in person, I loved it.

As you might know, we have the UPPAbaby VISTA too. The MINU is significantly lighter: VISTA weighs 26.6lbs, MINU is less than 15lbs! It really packs a punch, with an amazingly sturdy frame. We simply didn’t want a lot of added weight to cart home, or more importantly, carrying it all throughout the airport. I love that the MINU is a one-hand action fold. I literally was carrying bebs in one arm and did the quick one-handed fold, then strapped it onto my one shoulder when it was time to board the plane.

This right here is the sound and colour of happiness. Ahh, crispy air, rosy cheeks and happy hearts. Isn’t it beautiful in Newfoundland? Have you ever been to the east coast of Canada? (Also, notice that Alfie is even wearing his little winter coat, sweet puppa!)

So follow along my Instagram for the next little while, as I show you how I easily use the UPPAbaby MINU around St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada for our daily excursions in the great Canadian winter!

Featuring the Jake (Black Mélange/Carbon/Black Leather) UPPAbaby MINU stroller.


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