Stila Colour Correcting (CC) Foundation Stick

I’m sure if you’re into make up at all, you’re not a stranger to the BB, CC and DD creams that have hit the North American market within the past few years. It started becoming all the rage when us Westerners heard about the Asian BB creams — which usually have a higher SPF and are more thicker in consistency.

What is the difference of them all? To be honest, it’s just a fancy way to market it all. They’ll all colour correct your skin if you have enough coverage to the product. Some will be more dewy or matte than others.

Stila has a new Colour Correcting (CC) Foundation Stick and I’m pleased to report that I am happy with this product.Stila CC colour correcting stick

The PR company sent it to me and I usually wait to photograph pieces before trying it out. Didn’t with this, I busted it out of its packaging when the FedEx box came to my door and swatched it onto my hands.

Before and after using Stila CC colour correcting stick. Probably should’ve worn a different colour hoody. I look like a jailbird ;) before-after-foundation

At first glance you may notice that it has a natural finish. Then once it sinks more into your skin it looks more matte.

foundation-on-faceA word of advice when using this CC Cream. Exfoliate your skin, or it will cling to dry patches. Probably not the best suited for me since I have pretty dehydrated skin, especially once winter comes along. Nothing a little exfoliating won’t help with.

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