How to make a rubber band ball

You know those not-so fancy rubber band balls that people sometimes have on their desks?

Well, I went to visit my co-worker at the other office (hi frand) and I noticed she had a full rubber band ball made out of mostly blue bands. How pretty looking! I asked her if she made it since it was kind of small. She certainly did.

Amy ended up giving me the rubber band ball because she wasn’t a fan of the blue rubber bands. What?! I know.

I was nearing the end of my blue ball (snicker snicker) and I decided to give Aimster a phone call. I mean, what happens when I run out? I want to know for myself how to recreate the rubber band ball for myself!

I left her a voice mail since she wasn’t at her desk. And instead of calling me back she ended up BBM’ing me step-by-step instructions with photographs to show me how to make your own rubber band ball. Hilarious, right? So I’m featuring Amy on my blog, and the rubber band ball tutorial. Please proceed :)

Step one: tie your rubber band in a to make a rubber band ball-001

Step two: Bundle your knot into itself and add another band on top, criss-crossing to make a rubber band ball-002

Step three: Wrap part of the ball around your finger and add more rubber bands until it forms a ball shape. how to make a rubber band ball-003

Add a shiz ton more bands and you have this! My beautiful rubber band ball at work courtesy of rubber band ballAnd now you have yourself your very own rubber band ball. Lucky you.

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