I’m featured in Tia Star!

Tia Star is one of Canada’s first online clothing stores in Canada. She launched her site back in 2009 and her clothes are made to be comfortable, great quality at an appropriate price.  Tia e-mailed me not too long ago and asked me for a quote for her Look Book. I ended up thinking of the quote below, as there aren’t any rules for fashion. Make your own! :)

I’ve been featured the Look Book and it’s now available online on her website. Check out the great images, and style of clothing she’s been advertising on her site. Amazing stuff. I love the images that I’ve shown below. I think the blazer in the middle picture is my absolute favorite and the red jacket is calling my name.

Great images hey? See her Look Book here.

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Nutcracker obsessed

This Christmas season I’ve been completely obsessed with Owls and Nutcrackers. Completely. Anytime I see one, I really do run over to oooh and aww over it. My co-worker(s) Julie (Hi Julie! Hi Amy! Amy is my bosses daughter and both girls are my awesome friends at work.) head out after work to shop sometimes so when Julie and I went out this year to do Christmas shopping after hours I always ran towards nutcrackers. I even stop to take photos of displays of Nutcrackers at The Bay.

Aren’t those adorable? Look how tall/skinny they are. Funny looking, but oh so classy. I LOVE THEM. I think I’ll start collecting them. But, since it’s Christmas I decided not to buy myself any of them at all. Who knows what I’ll get for Christmas myself, and plus — Christmas isn’t about me. It’s about others. I can’t be buying myself stuff all the time right?

On Friday we had our Department (Graphic Design/Marketing/I.T.) Christmas lunch which consisted of Amy my bosses daughter, my boss and I.

I want to learn how to fold my napkins like that. They look like little boats!

Amy and I! Hi friend!! My lips aren’t blue, that’s a figment of your imagination. I don’t have hypothermia. I’m just a cold hearted person.

We headed out to a Chinese restaurant and had the most delicious food I have eaten in a long time. My plate, my bosses, then Amy’s. I feel like I have the most food! Hee, oops.

Fortune cookies. The next greatest thing after a nice full belly of chinese food.

We also ended up getting a free roll up Chinese calendar. I haven’t seen one of those in years!

After lunch we decided that we wanted to do a bit of shopping in the downtown area of the city we rarely frequent. I found a new favorite store.

It’s an interior decorating place, which also sells accessories. I could spend hours in these types of stores. I kept smacking my hands off my cheeks (via Home Alone kid) and saying GOSH I LOVE THIS PLACE. So so often, that everyone probably got tired of me saying it. But oh, I will definitely be back! I want our apartment to look exactly like the inside of this store. It’s cozy, warm… and smells so good!

(Thanks for the photo, Amy!)

I ended up buying a scarf there for $10, and my Boss got a necklace. A beautiful one for 12 bucks! Twelve bucks you guys! It looks fantastic too.

We popped by another store which I spotted these cute piggy banks for my nephews. My Christmas present idea flopped since I put it off too late. I had planned on going to a ceramic place and painting their own piggy banks. The four year old would’ve gotten a piggy bank with tons of monkeys, and trees on it. The five year old would’ve gotten dinosaurs! Except, I went in too late and they were all sold out of the size of the piggy banks I wanted. So, that’s my plan for next year. I have a whole year to plan for it — so it should work.

I spotted these and nearly bought them for ten bucks each. But they’re not as personal as me making them myself, so I opted out.

Being girls and all, we craved some chocolate and went to this one very fancy spot. Of course, eying nutcracker obsessed this year I spotted this little fella. He’s a Nutcracker Pirate Christmas tree ornament! He wiggles his body when you pull down the string. I squealed. Naturally. My parents are probably reading this blog post as we speak. So pssst, you’re getting these things for Christmas. Minus the nutcracker ornament ;)

We came back to the office and I snapped a few photos of … myself in my new scarf, and of course Amy too. So fun! The afternoon flew by. Random but I think since I use mascara on my eyes every day that they’re slowly disappearing/breaking off. Maybe I need to get eyelash growth products.

My boss and I drove back to our other office and there, we swapped Christmas presents. She got me a nutcracker for Christmas!!!!!!!! Best boss everrrrr.

I slow danced with it, and kissed it a little.

Then took more photos with it…

P.S. is my hair really that nasty on the ends? Why is it blonde? Weird.

Then placed it on my desk so I could stare at it during the work week when I’m at my desk. Is that not the most perfect gift I could ask for? I LOVE IT. I love it all together with my white ceramic vases and glass Christmas tree I picked up recently. 

Such a fun afternoon! I love Christmas!

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Just in time for Black Friday

This is my first time working in conjunction with Well.ca, and they have graciously allowed me to host a giveaway for you guys! Just to give you a little run down, Well.ca is Canada’s largest online health, beauty, and baby products store. So basically an online place to shop for basic necessities, or … chocolate! You know I found that right away.  The site is designed to access things easily. For instance, you can navigate by brand, or even by medicine cabinet!

Well.ca would be optimal for people such as my Brother. He has a family of six, so his life is always incredibly busy with four children. Forgetting to purchasing things like q-tips, and hygiene products are often forgotten if they’re not on the grocery list. Well.ca is always available to shop online!

The best part about Well.ca is that it’s a Canadian company that has free shipping with no minimum orders to almost all locations in Canada. But we don’t forget about our American neighbors, there’s free shipping in the United States for orders over $99 Canadian. Well.ca also accept returns of unopened products up to 60 days after the date of purchase. Pretty exceptional service if you ask me!

As I stated above, I’m hosting a giveaway for you guys! It’ll be a $50 gift card to Well.ca. As I’m sure everyone knows, tomorrow is Black Friday. Well.ca has some very exciting promotions starting then and ending on Monday the 28th (Cyber Monday). During this time period, they’re giving  customers the option to choose 1 of 5 “free gifts” when they place an order of $100+. The gift options include chocolate, a very popular board game, natural cleaning products, teeth whitening products, and a beauty gift set. The gifts are valued between $25-40 each so this is a fantastic promotion for shopping for Christmas presents.

Once the promotion goes live tomorrow, all of the information will be available here: http://well.ca/blackfriday. If you make a purchase on Well.ca while the $50 giveaway is live,  you will still be entered to win the $50 as a credit-back on your order. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

How to enter?

Contest ends December 2, 2011

Good luck, and enter away!


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