Alice and Olivia event + The Golden Gate Bridge

A few weekends ago, Jessica and I drove to San Francisco to attend the two year anniversary of Alice and Olivia store on Fillmore Street, in San Francisco. Alice-and-Olivia-San-Franci

Julia-from-Gal-Meets-GlamI gotta be honest. The only reason I went, is because I knew Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam was going to be there and since I’ve been reading her blog for a little over a year, I wanted to meet her face-to-face. I felt under dressed. :) She was really nice in person, and thankfully easy to talk to.

lunch-at-the-groveBoth of us browsed around the store for a little while, meeting a few other bloggers. Then walked down to The Grove, which was recommended to us by Nichole. It was just a few minutes down the road by foot, so we easily filled our tummies quickly with a huge delicious turkey sandwich. We could’ve easily split it if we knew how large the portions were going to be.

Hills-of-San-FranWe walked back to the car which was parked up on the hills. I couldn’t stop reiterating how incredible the view was. Holy smokes that’s one steep road.

San-FranJessica is the best person to have around, seriously. Here I was, thinking we were driving out of town, and I was just snapping pictures like wild on my blackberry as she brought me to this fancy area of San Francisco.

Little did I realize we were on our way to see the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. My entire month … even a few months, had just been made. I’ve always wanted to visit the bridge!  The Guy had already went to view the Golden Gate Bridge when he was in the city, before we moved down. Unfortunately for him, it was a girls day this weekend and I didn’t invite him to tag along :)

Golden-Gate-JumpI was so happy, I had a permanent smile the entire time I was there. Jessica took this pretty sweet photo of me jumping. Man it looks like I’ve got some sweet air.

Golden-Gate-BridgeI cannot wait to go back and see that beautiful bridge again! The Guy and I are thinking of going there to take some photos of ourselves so we can print them off and send them as our wedding Thank-You cards! Kinda neat right? Maybe cheesy, but I think it’s a cool idea.

Have you ever seen the Golden Gate Bridge in person?

Have you met another blogger?

What’s your favorite type of sandwich?

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