Mizuno Wave Rider 19 -vs- Mizuno Sayonara

SayonaraMizunoI want to get a few things out of the way before discussing my running shoes.

SayonaraI’m not a hardcore runner who pumps out 20-50km’s within days. I don’t sign up for running races because they make me too nervous. I run on my own, or with my husband and Alfie. I’ve been running on-and-off for close to ten years, I’ve had a casual running coach when I lived in Ontario (Canada) for a few months which was pretty awesome.

I do know that I’m a neutral runner and my strike is … I guess you could say neutral too. I’m not a heel-striker, nor a toe hopper. Did I make that term up? Probably. But I do know which running shoes I prefer, and I can tell you what I personally think of them.

Over the past few years I’ve tried to run in Saucony shoes, Nike Free’s, and Mizuno. To be honest I do prefer my Mizuno’s the most, and have reached out to them while I lived in Canada for collaborations. Then it took me three years to get in touch with the USA crowd. I’m pretty happy to be working with them again.

A few months ago I was sent two pairs of running sneakers to try out. Mizuno Wave Rider 19 and Mizuno Sayonara.

I already know how the Mizuno Wave Rider’s felt like, because I had already owned and loved a pair. I must say, working with them came at the perfect time. I was in the process of placing an online order of Mizuno Wave Rider’s that very week they reached back out to me.

B’ys got some perfect timing hey?

Since I’ve never tried the Sayonara’s before I definitely wanted to give them a run for their money before properly reviewing them. Ya know? So, it’s been a while.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 -vs- Mizuno Sayonara:

Mizuno Wave RiderWave Rider 19| (shown above)

  • Feels familiar and comfortable (I’ve ran in Wave Rider’s for 3+ years).
  • The new Wave Rider’s feel so bouncy, cushiony and a little higher off the ground.
  • Although a neutral runner, I don’t get shin-pain when running in Wave Rider’s (I do in other shoes!).
  • An excellent shoe for high-mileage.
  • You know it’s a fantastic series when they make 20 versions of it!
  • Nothing negative to say about it, it’s my favourite running shoe.

Mizuno SayonaraSayonara’s| (shown above)

  • First impressions: it’s a light shoe!
  • Has a roomier toe-box than the Wave Rider but narrower overall.
  • Feels a little flatter and more of a minimal shoe (although it’s not – it’s just less cushiony than Wave Rider’s).
  • I prefer the look of this shoe, more. It’s not as bulky.

Hard to decide on which one I prefer, but I do reach for the Wave Rider’s more when I run! But I’ve actually received more compliments on the Sayonara’s (the blue one’s).

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Coffee. Running. Makeup. Sleep.


  1. It’s been a while since I checked out a new-to-me coffee place and told you guys about it. It was supposed to be a semi-monthly series, to find some really great stand alone coffee shops with really cool vibes. I’m going to one tomorrow, but for safety reasons I don’t want to tell you where I went, until after I’m back home. Ha! However, the next one I want to go to is called 85°C, it’s in Cupertino. I’ll give you the run-down whenever I get a chance to pop in.
  2. The Guy and I have been running regularly. It’s rare that I’m in the mood for a run, but I’m enjoying the distraction of the length of the run when The Guy and I bring Alfie along, and I have to make sure he doesn’t launch in front of me when something scares him on the road. I only like to bring our dog once a week for a long run (for him), because I don’t want his little legs to get sore. We are amping him up slowly! This weekend past I had the urge to run both on Saturday and Sunday, can you even believe I initiated both times? Me neither, and each time was 6+km (that’s over 3.7km for the people who speak in miles). I speak in kilometers still, because let’s be honest — in kilometers sound like I’ve ran further than I did in miles. Ha!
  3. I’m thinking of creating another weekly feature on the blog. On Fridays as you know I feature our Pomeranian, hence the name POM Friday’s. I would like to blog about beauty products weekly. Something like Beauty Talks Tuesday. Does that sound dumb, or no? The name of the series, I mean. I’ve been trying to come up with a name and I’m stuck.
  4. I tweeted this out yesterday, but I am way too excited to only tweet. It needs to be blogged about. The Guy and I are upgrading our double sized bed that we’ve had for 9.5 years, and we are upgrading it to a Beautyrest KING SIZED BED. I will have all the room to sprawl out. Now the only thing I have to think of now, is bedding ideas.

Let me know something random going on in your life.

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Fitness Recap: Happy Canada Day

Wait, that’s not right.

Much better. Canadian, and the Newfoundland flag!

I miss home, but I’ll be back in no time. Hope everyone has an awesome Canada Day! Let me know what you’re doing, so I can live vicariously through you.

Onto the fitness recaps from last week:

Monday June 23: 30 minute lane swim

Tuesday June 24: 75 minutes of yin yoga & 1 hour bouldering

Wednesday June 25: Off

Thursday June 26: Off

Friday June 27: 4.23 mile treadmill run

Saturday June 28: Off

Sunday June 29: 2 hours of bouldering and did another V4!

Just a short and sweet recap today—my second sister-in-law (The Guy’s other sister) arrives today! Tomorrow, all 3 of us girls are getting our hair done and heading to the outlet mall to get some deals. Shauna and I went earlier last week and I scored some pretty sweet J.Crew flats for under $20. Shows how much they’re worth, hey? hah!Standford Faculty Club

HAPPY CANADA DAY, CANADIANS! I took my sister-in-law to a Canadian Ex-Pat event at Stanford Faculty Club a few nights ago. It was so fun. I was invited by an old colleague who still lives and works in Canada, she was down here for said event. How crazy right? Felt like home, when I ran into her and gave her a big ol’ hug.

More info on everything we’re doing when they all head back to Canada :( As I mentioned, trying not to spend too much time on the computer while they’re here.

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