Rose Garden, San Jose

Rose-Garden-headerRoses hold a little special place in my heart. When my Husband and I planned our wedding in 6 days, I had nothing picked out. It was especially fun trying to find a dress after we decided to finally go ahead with a wedding, let alone finding shoes to go with, and of course me not bringing ANY makeup home when I flew back to Newfoundland. Silly me for thinking I needed that break for my skin to breath. Who knew I’d be getting married?

The Guy and I aren’t formal people whatsoever, and planned on getting married in our regular clothes. That was until both our parents piped up saying we should dress up. Okay. Fine.

My Mom asked me what sort of flowers I’d want in my bouquet. “Daisies?” she asked. “Eh, I don’t know. Those smell funny.” I said.

I was never the type of person to have her wedding planned out or thought of at, as a child. I guess you could say I was pretty laid-back about the whole getting married thing. (Ahem. Except for the times I whip out our two small wedding photo albums and reminisce about our memorable, super fun day. The Guy isn’t into looking back at the photos as much as I am ;)

Peach-rosesMy Mom thought some more, “Roses?” she stated. I thought about it and said sure! Our wonderful neighbours helped out with the wedding so much, and picked up a couple of bouquets of red and ivory roses at Costco, and they put together a small bouquet for me to carry as I walked down my parents hallway into our living room.

Yellow-roses-off-to-sideLike I said, roses hold a very special place in my heart now that I am married and have these wonderful memories of them. I had no idea there was a thing such as the Rose Garden in San Jose, so when I went there yesterday, I knew we had to spend more than a few minutes browsing around the grounds.

Roses-at-Rose-GardenBasically I stopped to smell the roses ;)

Enjoy the photos. I’m off to San Francisco for the day to spend a few hours with my Canadian blog buddy, Megan. I’m spending as much time with her as possible before she moves back to Canada next month, so sad!





Rose-Garden-fountain2This rose garden is surrounded by tons of redwood trees, and the aroma of roses just fills the air when walking through. It’s the epitome of relaxation here. Young and old alike were wandering through the gardens, some relaxing on the grass, and many taking it all in, next to the fountain. I have to be honest, California has acclimatized me and I was a little chilly walking around in just my t-shirt and jeans. Canadian friends, I won’t tell you the temperature for fear of being scolded ;)









FountainThe colour of this fountain is unreal, not even photoshopped and look how bright the aqua colour is. 




San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
1649 Naglee Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126

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