Preventing anti-aging on neck & chest

B’ys it’s only a matter of time and we’re in our older years and then we notice a few changes in our skin, our neck, even our hands. I’m noticing tiny little moles that probably will turn into age spots on the back of my hands. Even I’m aging! It happens. It’s life. Gotta get over it.

You may notice some people have a wrinkle-free face, but their neck is a little more noticeable with the wrinkles and excess skin. This is mainly due to the fact that people forget to take care of their neck and décolletée area when doing their morning/evening routine with the face.

Those fancy and expensive jars of neck cream to lift and tighten the skin? If that was really the case, wouldn’t everyone know about that particular product and be the worlds best seller? Think about it. But do you need a different product for that particular area?

In one simple word: No! 

Most of the time those creams are simply about moisturizing the skin rather than anti-aging.

What can you do to prevent those signs of aging on those areas? In simple terms, keep up your regular skin care regime and don’t forget SPF. Bring those creams and lotions down to your neck and chest area too. When applying neck cream, always use an upwards motion when applying product. Don’t ask me why, but I guess it makes sense in the fact that you don’t want to drag the wrinkles down to the floor, you want to help lift. Right?

The 2 retinol products I recommend: RoC ($15 USD from Amazon) and Philosophy Help Me ($49 USD from philosophy’s website)

RoC RetinolPhilosophy Help MeNotice how the two products are not in a jar? Jar-like packing is a huge no-no as it allows in the light and air, which breaks down the retinol ingredient.

Retinol is a fantastic anti-aging product to help with aging, brown spots, clogged pores and even acne. But if you want to start using that product you’re going to have to do your own research. Bear in mind that retinol can be potent depending on the percentage that is in your creams, thus your skin might react and become dry or peel a little. Don’t panic. It’s completely normal temporary side effect, and you may just have to back off on how often you apply it. Retinol products are primarily meant to be applied during the night, so it gets a full nights worth to act on the skin since your skin will be sensitive to UV rays. Pile on that SPF in the morning!

To take the benefits away from using a product with retinol in it, you have to use a range of ingredients, and don’t simply just use a retinol on your skin. Keep doing what you’re doing for skin care and add in a product that has retinol, too.

Is retinol the best and only ingredient out there for anti-aging? No, of course not. But this is the product I like, and recommend in conjunction with applying an SPF to protect your skin.

Please note, I’m not here to sell you on anything, I’m here to inform you! None of the links above are affiliated and none of the brands know I’m talking about them.

Hope you learned something today! And if you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below :)

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Why I use retinol/retinoid treatments

Guys. I’m getting age spots on my hands. I’m getting old.

I have always looked younger than my age, whether or not I was into skincare and now I’m simply slowing the aging process with some beauty products. If in fact it works in the long run. Only time will tell. Since I’m in my thirties, I feel as if I know a lot about skincare than I ever did before. I’m forever researching the products I plan to buy to keep my skin looking youthful.

My biggest thing is, to always hydrate and drink as much water as you can in the run of a day. Water is my primary source of drink, and to keep me drinking it throughout the day, I keep 5+ water bottles in the fridge at all times. When one gets emptied, fill’er back up, place in the fridge and grab another cool one. It’s been working since we’ve moved to California. So that’s good, right?

 Philosophy is a trusted skin care brand that I keep going back to.


I’ve been using Philosophy Retinoid pads and I have just started my second jar of it — the first one was complimentary thanks to Philosophy, but I’ve loved the product so much I bought it.

miracle workerPhilosophy Miracle Worker Anti-aging Retinoid Pads and solution:  $74USD / $98CDN

One side of the pad is more exfoliating than the other. I tend to use the rougher side on my face, and the other side the excess goes to the backs of my hands.  I was hesitant that the retinod pads would still be soaked by the end of the jar in 60 days, but they were.

philosophy with retinoid padsI use it at night after washing my face with Purity Made Simple cleanser. I apply a pad of the retinoid on right after using the cleanser before I put anything else on my skin so it’s the first thing to soak in.

This is a time in my blog-life that I wish I took before and after pictures. I didn’t know I’d enjoy the product so much. My skin feels rejuvenated, my cheeks are much less red, and I feel more comfortable wearing not a stitch of makeup, outside the house. As one should!

Benefits of using retinol/retinoid treatments:

  • To achieve radiant skin, use a product with retinoid in it as it will help get rid of any dry, dead skin cells on the surface
  • Retinoids also stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid, which prevents wrinkles or fine lines that haven’t appeared
  • Retinoid helps speed up the skin’s natural cell turnover. As it did with me, it helps fade pigmentation on the skin (my rosy cheeks)

Look at the packaging of your skin care products to make sure it has a retinoid in the product towards the beginning of the ingredient list. Over the counter, you will not receive more than 1% retinoid, as it’s pretty powerful. So look for something with 0.5% or higher of retinoid for best results.


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