Philosophy Eyes Wide Open

Disclosure: I was sent this product for free. Opinions are my own.

0.5 oz retails for $30 USD or $39 CDN.

I’ve read a few reviews on this before sitting down and writing mine. This particular Philosophy product doesn’t seem to be a huge winner for many people. Fortunately for me I have minimal puffiness and I can see it working on its own. But if you have puffy eyes in the morning when you wake up, I would pair this product with an eye cream.

The consistency of the light weight eye gel is quite watery and easy to squeeze out but didn’t have trouble squeezing too much out. I did like that it spread very easily onto the under eye area so there was no tugging, or massaging into my skin. It just glided on. I also have a very sensitive eye area and it didn’t disturb that area all. I could use this twice a day without any stinging or burning around the eye.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petrochemicals
– Phthalates
– GMOs
– Triclosan

Suggested Usage:
-Ideal for morning use to help refresh tired, puffy eyes.
-You may also pair it with another eye cream in the evening to help eyes look refreshed when you wake up.

-For external use only.
-Use only as directed.
-Keep away from eyes and mucosa. If contact occurs, rinse well with water.
-If irritation, redness or itching occurs reduce frequency of application. If symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult physician.

Do you use an eye cream?
I use the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair cream daily, and try to use it twice a day (morning/night) it’s so thick and luxurious and keeps my under eye area soo hydrated!

Are you all ready for Christmas?
I sure am! I’m so excited to see everyone’s faces when I give them their presents. I can’t say who for sure I’m excited the MOST about since I don’t want to give ANYTHING away, but I’ll definitely be blogging about it. I also want to pick up a really nice table cloth or table skirt for the kitchen, to festive it up a bit.

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Philosophy’s Micro Exfoliating Wash

Disclosure: I was sent this product for free. Opinions are my own.

  • 8oz $25 USD or $31 CDN
  • 16oz $37 USD or $46 CDN
  • 32oz $58 USD or $58 CDN

There’s only two skin care lines that I am truly faithful to, and will always re-purchase or try new things. One being Bobbi Brown and the other is Philosophy. You can see in my skin care routine that I’ve been religiously using some of those two names for a good while. Sure they’re both pretty pricey and you have to find them in speciality stores. But your skin is your biggest organ, and you darn well better take care of it.

I last reviewed the Philosophy micro exfoliating peel not too long ago, so I thought it would only seem fit that I now write about what I think of the micro exfoliating wash.

Here’s a quick run-down on what I think.


  • A little goes a long way.
  • My skin feels so smooth after using it.
  • Also removes makeup.
  • It’s very gentle and non-irritating on the skin.
  • You can use it on a daily basis.


  • The price tag. 
  • The bottle is a little too hard to squeeze out the product.
  • The smell isn’t the best (more clinical than fruity/fresh/or clean scented).

Does it work? As always I love to tell you all my honest opinion of a product. Whether I spent the money on it myself, or I received it for free to review. This product will now go hand-in-hand with my purity cleanser which is always on my counter top in a small travel sized bottle to wash my face morning and night. Instead, I’ll use the micro-exfoliating wash in the shower and leave it in there and use the purity when I need to take off my make up at night.

I use a dime sized amount on my damp face while I’m in the shower. I massage the clear salty-feeling product into my skin for 45-60 seconds, then rinse thoroughly.

I think it’s an all around great product. It’s a nice scrub, but I’d change the smell of it, but that wouldn’t stop me from going out an purchasing it with my own money. I won’t have to do that for a while, because this 8oz bottle I’m sure will last me 10 months or more, from the way I’m using it right now. I think I’ll have to put it in an easier squeeze tube as well, like I do with my purity cleanser.

What’s one of your “Holy Grail” beauty products?

Do you wash your face in the morning, or at night? Or both!

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