I almost forgot about Fashion Friday til I was reminded on Twitter (Thanks Jess)!

I also wanted to thank you all for commenting on my Lululemon vs Costco is Lululemon worth the price, blog post the other day. My website statistics were high up there on that day. Everyone wanted to chime in and I loved it!

What else I’m loving?  Surprise comments from good friends back home in Newfoundland. I never know if people actually read my blog since I never get a ton of comments, but I love it when randomly my friends from back home pop in and say hello or comment. It makes my day so much better. I know that sounds cheesy, but I had a rough go of it this week and those people brought a smile to my face.

Happy Friday! Happy PayDay to me!! Time for my OOTWW:

I bought two pairs of super cute flats at Payless during lunch hour yesterday. I’m wearing them today. You can barely see them but I’ll post a photo of them both soon.

Don’t forget, you can win some BROWNIES! USA only though. Sorry. I know. I wish I could have some too.

P.S. I just blew a spider off the wall. Should I have squished it instead? Is it mad, and going to come back and bite me? I’m kind of scared.

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