University Cafe, Palo Alto

Header-Uni-CafeMy friend and I are still pretty brand new to Northern California, so we usually get together once a week and go to new-to-us places and explore. Occasionally stopping for lunch, or a nice an easy walk in the park with a quenching iced coffee.

Sitting-at-Uni-Cafe-Palo-AlYesterday while exploring Palo Alto, we stopped into University Cafe. Initially we were going look it up on Yelp to see if it received enough good reviews to pop in and have a bit of lunch.

University-Cafe-cashBut the place was hoppin’ with people during the lunch hour, so we decided for ourselves it must be good.

University-Cafe-cokeI ordered myself a coke, it came out with a mason jar full of ice. Kinda cute.

Friends-at-Uni-CafeThe ambiance of the restaurant was inviting, with the open concept layout. It was easy to get a table, indoors to get away from the heat of the day. We were lead towards the back of the restaurant near the open kitchen, as my friend required a high chair for her little boy.

University-Cafe-menuOur server was really funny, and recommended a few things to us on the menu. I’m a sandwich girl through-and-through, and rarely venture out of that comfort zone, so I went with the University BLT. As for their price point, I would say it’s moderately priced, considering it’s in the heart of the downtown Palo Alto, and the beautiful Stanford University campus. As you can see from the lunch menu we were given, the prices range anywhere from $8-$15 for their food.

University-Cafe-BLTOnce our food came out, I tasted the soup immediately. I love a good hearty tomato soup and this one was excellent. My friend had the same soup, but ordered a Fresh Lump Crap Burger — a crab burger! Something I would have never thought was even a thing. She said it was incredibly filling and so delicious. My sandwich on the other hand, was absolutely massive. I was eager to dig in since I didn’t grab breakfast yesterday. Unfortunately the sandwich was one of my least favourite sandwiches I’ve ever consumed. All the ingredients separately were terrific, but the bread — oh man, the bread was not exciting at all. It’s not that it was stale, it was paper thin, fell apart and crumbled easily and was fluffy all at the same time. Does that make sense?

Eating-the-BLTIt made such a mess, and I’m glad I had my napkin in my lap because it went everywhere. The dijon aioli sauce on the sandwich must’ve been made with a dab of horse radish, because it was spicy, tangy and weird. Not the best choice. I don’t mean to complain, simply stating how it is.

University-CafeI’d go to University Cafe again in a heart beat, due to their service and give the menu another go. My soup was to die for, and the place was pretty happenin’ so I know people enjoy the food there. I know for next time, I won’t order their BLT. ;)

University Cafe
271 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
(650) 322-5301

Do you have a go-to menu item when you’re out?

For the locals reading, have you been to University Cafe?

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Spiffykerms Style

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I have never been to the Stanford Shopping Centre in Palo Alto, so Jessica and I went there earlier this afternoon to have a look around. It was an outdoor mall, which I’ve come to realize, California is all about. Since it never rains, or snows here. The sun shines every darn day and I love it. Standford-Shopping-Mall

It’s an outdoor mall, and really pretty. I have a few qualms about how rude a few of the sales associates were to us. Making it notable enough to me, that I won’t go back there for a while. Santana Row has prettier views, and approachable people. I had never seen a Blow Dry Bar in person, and just heard about it online. I bought some of their Detox dry shampoo (which Sephora is always out of). And those flowers? What KIND are they? They don’t even look real, they’re that gorgeous. Standford-Shopping-Centre

It’s been a long time since I featured a few outfits of the days (aka Spiffykerms Style) on my blog. But I’m forever uploading those flat clothing images to my instagram. I thought I was due for uploading another. So let’s get to it! A little Fashion Friday?

I drove to Santana Row to do a little solo birthday shopping the day before my birthday but couldn’t find anything. I did try on this Anthropologie tank, which I thought was pretty, but too flowy for my liking.

ootd-anthroStriped tee & jeans: Forever 21 /// Sunglasses: Ardene
Belt: American Eagle /// Purse: Zara /// Flats: Saks

ootd-speck-partyThe outfit I wore to the Speck Store Party
Top: H&M /// Purse: Fossil /// Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: Cassis /// Jeans: JC Penny /// Wedges: Cynthia Rowley

ootd-birthdayMy birthday outfit!
Tank & Necklace: Forever 21 /// Shoes: Target
Belt: Cassis /// Jeans: JC Penny

Have you seen the movie Frozen? I watched it with my friend and her children last month. “Do you want to build a snowman?” are the only lyrics I know out of the song and I can’t get it out of my head, because everywhere I go, little children are signing it too. Inside Target the other day this one kid was singing that part over and over. It’s pretty catchy, I admit.

Okay another few outfits then I’m out til Monday. Come back for a recap of my birthday on Monday! Have a great weekend everyone!

ootd-shorts-tankDon’t hate me. Yes I’m wearing shorts already. It’s California! :)
Tank: Forever 21 /// Water bottle: McDonalds
Necklace: Cleo /// Shorts: American Eagle
Target sneakers /// Dior lipstick /// Skagen watch

ootd-polkadot-topArdene top /// Saks flats /// American Eagle belt /// Forever 21 Jeans

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Speck Store Party

I would call this week a success, so far. I mean, I haven’t gotten lost yet — touch wood. Thank YOU blackberry maps.

Tuesday I drove to Los Gatos for an appointment, Wednesday Jessica and I drove to Half Moon Bay, and earlier this afternoon I drove to Palo Alto for a Speck store party. Speck-Store--Party

Being my first blogger type of event, I wanted to get my outfit sorted through last night. Taking selfies, sending it to my friends and husband asking their advice. Anyone else do this? Looking put together on the cheap, was my goal. Is that bad? Saves me the dollars, that’s for sure.

Speck party selfieForever 21 necklaces /// H&M top /// JC Penny brand white jeans
Cynthia Rowley Wedges /// Fossil Purse

I haven’t worn wedges in forever. They were more uncomfortable than I remembered.

Facebook has a community for the local bloggers down here, which I found, and joined. That’s where I received the contact information for Lindsay, who invited me to the Speck event. Hooray for new faces! I’m trying to meet a lot of people, because I’m currently not working, and I want to meet new friends. Bonus if they’re bloggers!

I think I could cruise around in my little car for hours, and embrace the warm sun that California has to offer. The drive to Palo Alto was no exception, just as beautiful.

Speck-Products-partyThe Speck Store Party was a private event, launching their new store in Palo Alto. I didn’t know anything about Speck products until I got the e-mail invite just a week prior. They sell a lot of creative cases that are fun to accessorize your  iPhone, MacBook, iPad and other cell phones/tablets.

Their cases are heavy duty, yet not bulky, if they’re branded with the stamp of “Meets or exceeds military standards”. One guy there was demonstrating it by flicking his phone across the store, and it didn’t break. Made my heart drop a little! I think I need one of those cases for my BlackBerry Z10. Still representing good ol’ Waterloo.

Speck recently launched a new case for your phones called Candy Shell Amped. There’s little holes on the side of your case where you can freely listen to your music 2x clearer and louder,  without it being muffled. It’s pretty nice.

Speck-BagsSpeck hooked US up big time.

Selfie-with-Speck-ProductsI left with a goody bag filled with all sorts of cases. I’m a little outdated with the products that I use, so I picked out an iPad 2 case for myself and got two cases for my husbands two laptops. I know, he’s spoiled at work.

Speck products are sold at major retailers.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about living in Canada -vs- USA, so come back for that!

Have you been to a blogger event or conference before?

What’s the weather like, where you are today?

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