Outfits of the week

Ah such an easy post to do, yet sometimes I don’t feel like my outfits are that photo-worthy. For instance, my Forever 21 jeans (the ripped one’s) are basically my at-home-uniform. I bought them so I wouldn’t wear out my good pants, especially if I’m cleaning the house, or on the floor playing with Alfie. So they’ll usually make an appearance more than once throughout the week.

My husband’s birthday is coming up soon. I’m planning a few things for him, but I can’t say what yet in case he reads my blog. But he does know that we’ll be taking advantage of some touristy things in the San Francisco Bay Area throughout the month of October, because we can’t let those coupons go to waste. I’m also pretty sure we’ll make another stop at the delicious Ghirardelli Square for a huge ice cream pig out.

What did you guys get up to this weekend, or did you lay low? Later on today I’m heading to my follow-up appointment with my hive-doctor-dude. Swear to jeeezshhhhzu he better give me some answers other than “keep taking allergy pills til they go away” … yeah, in 3-20 years! I certainty hope they’re not chronic because lawrdjaysus I can’t handle that itching. If I take what he “prescribes” me (it’s an over the counter allergy pill) it gives me incredible gut-wrenching pain in the middle of the night where I have to stay away for 1-3 hours. So, I’m allowing my body to now tell me what to do, rather than some medical professional I just met. I mean….

Wait. I was totally on a ramble spiel there for a moment. You were here for the outfit’s of the week. Alright alright, let’s get to it. These were outfits I wore last week. P.S I’m totally chaneling my inner-Megan on Thursday wearing leggings and a long tee. Don’t you think? :) ootw

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You know what I missed? Outfits of the week!

It has been ages since I have done an outfits of the work week post, and since I am not working or dressing somewhat professionally on the regular, I let it slide.

Now that I have relocated to California with my husband and our pup, my style has become more laid back, with wearing jeans and tee-shirts type of deal on the regular; and I’m quite okay with that. I totally would’ve worn some of these outfits to work, if were acceptable. Maybe not the ripped jeans or the leggings though ;)

So I think I’m going to bring the outfits of the week back. Maybe not on a weekly basis like I used to do and post every Friday, but either bi-weekly or monthly. I think my style is pretty boring lately but who knows, maybe now that I’m publishing it on my blog I’ll get more motivation to style my outfits even if I’m not heading out anywhere. A lot of people expressed their interest, and said they have missed my OOTD posts — I’m happily surprised! But I too have missed doing them. Oh, also I won’t be linking where everything is from, since everything I own is quite old, or basics from your generic stores (forever 21 for instance, I don’t care if I’m too old to shop there, they have some amazing tee’s sometimes! Ain’t nobody got $50 to spend on a tee. That’s ridic., especially on my budget hahahaha)

Okay okay, here we go, and yes I’m wearing extensions in the last picture! (Click to enlarge the image if you want)ootw

P.S. Grey tee + white jeans is basically my summer uniform. I would wear that outfit every day if I could. Such a classic look in my opinion.

P.P.S What are your favourite outfits from this week?

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