My five resolutions for 2013

I’m not one for making resolutions. Mostly because I’m a secretly-pessimistic person. Instead, I’ve changed my tune and decided that it’s due time I make some New Years resolutions. 3 days late.

Take more vitamins
I’m feeling more lethargic than I have in a few years. I haven’t been regularly taking vitamins in 2012. So I went to Walmart after work today and bought what reminds me of senior citizens… a pill box. If the pills are stuck in a drawer somewhere, I’m not going to see them – therefore won’t take any.

daily-vitaminsHopefully this will keep me on the right track. Vitamins shown: Palafer (Iron), B12 1,000mcg, Vitamin D and docusate sodium. I think that the B12’s need to be taken on their own or it will lose its effect.

december-2012-scheduleKeep organized with a schedule.
I don’t always meal plan, and I don’t always keep a workout schedule. This isn’t ideal for me, since if I don’t have an agenda I’ll just sit on the couch for the entire night reading blogs or watching beauty YouTube videos and end up cooking supper at 10pm. Not the best for my health, but I agree that one sometimes needs a break. Just not a two week long one. Oops?

Waste less.
Meaning, don’t go all hog-wild in the washroom using 16 hand towels to try my hands with. I can’t stand having water droplets on my hand walking down the cold hallway at work. Which makes me aggressively dry my hands. When I really only need 2-3 towels. lol This is so random… but I know I use way too many.

Be clutter free.
I don’t need to have a back up of everything I use. It’s just nonsense. Right now I have a few hair dryers (which were actually free with some points … but still!), and an abundance of beauty products that will take me for ever to get through. Each time I fly home to Newfoundland, or open up a beauty box at work – friends and family members get the most of it.

desk-clutter(Believe it or not, this is my “cleaned up” desk)

I also like to have a clean desk. But this is never the case at work, or at home. I work better when the area I’m in is clutter-free.

Learn more.
Sure, that’s vague. But I mean this in the every day life. Learn to listen more. Learn about my new camera. Read more online that will help develop my Graphic Design skills more. Not just daily blog posts, which are fun and mindless too. But it doesn’t help build.

Have you made any 2013 New Years resolutions? Let me know them, in the comments below!

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