My nephews 6th birthday

Just look at those dimples. Lil’ heartbreaker.

My cutie patootie nephew will be turning six in the next few weeks and I’ve been doing some online shopping to put his special present together. Since I can’t be home in Newfoundland to give it to him a huge Birthday hug from “Ancy Nancy” I wanted to make his birthday extra special.

My little guy is going to be getting a homemade treasure chest filled with all sorts of fun things. He’s been collecting rocks lately and our neighbor back home is a Geologist (Mr. D) , and when I was a kid Mr. D helped me build my rock collection. It’s kind of nerdy, but at the same time I was a huge tom boy.

I’m not ready to give my nephew the rock collection just yet, since I don’t think he’s old enough to truly appreciate it and take care of it without damaging it. I’m thinking for his 7th birthday I’ll give it to him along with some other things. That is, if he still is into rocks. Who knows…

So I’ve went ahead and purchased the Treasure Box from this seller on Etsy. The box also has a cute story which I thought of including in with the treasure chest. I may end up doing so…

I’ve already bought a few velvet drawstrings pouches (also bought on Etsy, from INDIA!) and I’m putting some extra goodies inside:

  • Chocolate gold coins
  • Real money! (Lucky kid)
  • Candy & chocolate
  • Toys (rubber dinosaurs and maybe a few small childrens bean bags, not sure yet)
  • Rocks found on the beach
  • (Not shown) A special birthday note written on a handmade scroll. I simply found some twigs, got a piece of plain white paper and stained it with tea, and burned the edges then wrote a note for my nephew on it. 

All of the items above will be placed inside the treasure chest filled with black crinkly paper, purchased from the dollar store. I’ve had the treasure chest shipped to my parents place back home in Newfoundland and I’m sending down all of the items shown above for my Mom to graciously assemble it for him, once the velvet pouches get delivered to me.

Once my nephew receives all of these goodies he can empty the box out and put all sorts of his own treasures inside that he’s found. Something every kid would love to have I’m sure.

Adorable, right?! I’m the best aunt ever.

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Popcorn < Movies

Anyone who knows me, knows that I will never say no to going to a movie. I don’t care what type of movie I see in the theaters, all I need is a bag of popcorn and I’m content.

Sometimes, when Scott’s away at work – I don’t even make myself dinner. I actually have popcorn. That’s terrible to admit, but I really really enjoy it. A lot. Clearly.

In the span of 5 days on the airplane and while I was back home, I watched three movies. On the airplanes I watched: The Vow (nearly cried), The Help (also nearly cried) and I went to the theaters with my best friend from back home, Trevor. We saw The Avenger’s.

I’m not sure that I’ve spoken of Trevor much on my website. I don’t think I talked about him here much mainly because I thought he didn’t read my blog! Well folks. Here is me and my best bud.

This photo is a few years old, but still a goodie. We’re at the local climbing gym back home.

Same night, both of us dancing. We had a “private party” at the climbing gym one year for his birthday and another guys university graduation. :)

Back to my post about movies though.

Apparently it did really well in the theaters, and everyone on twitter had been raving about it. So of course, I didn’t mind going. However it wasn’t what I expected it to be at all. I was excited that Ironman was in it, he’s a funny character. I don’t want to go into much detail about the movie, since my boyf Scott had no idea what the movie entailed and I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone.

I do want to let you know that you should probably watch the previous movies before hand like: Ironman, Ironman 2 (there’s a two, right?), Thor, Captain America annnnd…. what other one was there, if any?

I was semi-lost, thanks to Trev for talking to me throughout the movie explaining things for me, ha!

Have you guys seen this movie yet? If not, will you?

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Back into a routine

Two days back from my trip to Newfoundland! A short and sweet 5 day visit. I was a bit tired at work yesterday but that’s a given when you’re traveling across the country.

It was a little upsetting leaving my 4 and 5 year old nephews. I spent the majority of my time with those little dudes. I did a rock climbing adventure re-cap yesterday and today I’ll leave you with some more photos from back home.

Thumbs up if you’re having a fun adventure day with “Ancy Nancy”. Can you spot the iceberg? 1…2…3… say boobieees! That got a giggle out of them. I just noticed that the little guy on the left still has chocolate ice cream on his face :)

Shoulder rides!

Ancy Nancy is home! Don’t care — gimmie your ipad! Basically.

Rawlins Cross area by Moo Moo’s homemade ice cream.Delish. Gotta have Moo Moos!
Boys chasing each other up the hill by Quidi Vidi.

Playing on the rocks. Boys pullin’ in the iceberg. Ruairi drew me a picture at Kinderstart!

No trouble to tell I love these kids. :)

Back to regular blogging tomorrow!

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