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First day back to work in 2012. Oh, it’s always so hard to come back to reality, isn’t it?

Well it’s a new year so I have a new topic. How I Style… blazers. I’ve styled my cardigans for seven weeks now, so I thought I’d switch it up and show you how I’ve worn my inexpensive blazers for work.

This will be a short little post as I feel very corporate and businesslike workin the red blazer. I haven’t found an ideal way to dress it down just yet. But this is the way I’ve been styling it for the time being.This blazer was originally over $100 at Mexx. I never noticed it until it was on the sale rack for $40. It’s made of a really thick wool and there were a few other colors to choose from like grey and black. I’m somewhat kicking myself for not picking up the grey one. But from what you see below, I clearly don’t wear it often enough. I really dislike the middle look. I look like a middle-aged boss lady. Ew. My favorite has to be the one on the left, just paired everything all simple-like with black, and making the blazer pop on its own.

How would you pair this?

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In yo face, yet again… MEXX!

I have a couple of favorite stores I like to go in, when I hit the malls.

H&M being right up there at number one. Mexx is nice too, for work clothes but it’s a pricey store. It wasn’t that long ago that I had an encounter with this… Mexx associate.

Ever since this one girl (conveniently also named Nancy) quit, Mexx has never been the same experience. Nancy (I can’t get over the fact it feels like I’m talking in third person lol) used to pick out the best fitting clothes for my body and I haven’t had the same experience since she left. Now? There’s this one evil lady who scopes you out and secretly tries to make you buy everything in the store. She picks up clothes around me ans says “Ooo isn’t this cute. Do you like it?” other times she pushes way too many clothes on me. I try to ignore her but I can’t. She’s so bold! She’s scary, and makes me turn red and I can’t even explain why.

She also takes digs at you when selecting sizes for you. Just last week I was in there looking for some skinny pants. When I say skinny pants I mean what you guys also think I mean. I don’t mean a straight legged trouser. She said Oh we have tons of those! What size are you? A 38?

That’s an 8 American. Really? Why dig at people like that? I mean sure I may have been dressed in baggy clothes that day and looking a little haggered from the rain. But couldn’t you say  a size 2 instead of a size 8 to me? Better to go small and compliment your shopper than guess something wild. I agreed to try on the 8, then showed her how I was floating in it. She brought a 4 and a 6 back out and mentioned to me I should try on a few other things she brought back to me and telling me it’s totally your style, SO you. A pet peeve of mine, if you will. She does not know my style just by glancing at me from that day thankyouverymuch. I hated everything she brought out. I bet they work on commission. Right? Does anyone know? Leanne, I bet you do. lol

I was only in there because I spotted a lovely light grey tank top polk-a-dot blouse. It was full price. I asked her I know you’re probably not supposed to tell me this. But is Mexx was having one of those 50% off sales anytime soon?

Her response? No, no absolutely not at all. We only have those twice per year, in the summer and around Christmas.  I would never lie to you. Uh, ok? I didn’t believe her. Why should I? She lied to me last time! lol

I got an 40% off e-mail literally days after I went into that store. I printed out the coupon in hopes that I’d see her when I purchased my blouse. Oh the games we play.

I went in (not dressed in baggy clothes) and looking mighty presentable (I think I was wearing one of these blazers). She looked at me and said “Hey girl, haven’t seen you here in forever. I love seeing a familiar face.” At first I thought she was joking since I was only in there days prior. But I think she was being completely real. Whatever. I ended up trying on the polka-dot top on again and purchasing it using my coupon. 

I like sales.

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