Dior Tie Dye . Beauty Talk Tuesday

Dior-TieDyeHigh5Makeup looks, and not necessarily product reviews of makeup, are probably one of my favourite types of beauty posts to do. That way you can truly see how to use a collection, or a various amount of makeup brands on one’s face. This time I’m going to stick to mainly products from Dior’s latest line: their Tie Dye summer 2015 collection.

Dior-Summer-2015So many fun colours for the lips, cheeks and even eyes. As per usual, I kept things pretty tame on the face and went for yet another every day type of look. Throughout the next few weeks I’m going to be posting a bit about the new Tie Dye collection, so stay tuned — because I have a feeling I’ll even be posting about it on Saturday’s too!

Can you tell I made this tutorial just after I woke up (and showered)? My eyes look super sleepy in the first few photos. Ignore that, and let’s get right into the look.
Dior-Skincare-tutorial1. Diorsnow Global Transparency Essence. Did you know using a serum is like drinking a green juice for your skin? My skin is almost always sucked dry of moisture, so I’ve been applying some sort of serum both day and night to help bring some moisture back into my skin. This one is excellent and I do enjoy how it makes my skin feel especially in the morning after a whole night of rejuvination. However, I might have to skip on it if I were to buy it myself rather than it being sent for a review, considering the hefty price tag associated with it.
2. Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment. Eye creams are a dime a dozen, whether they’re expensive or fit in your budget. I have a couple of favourite ones throughout my rotation, from everything to a thick hydrating one, to a lightweight one for other days.
3. Philosophy Full Of Promise moisturizer. For the cooler months I’ve been using this mositurizer as opposed to my favourite Hope In A Jar also by Philosophy. But I feel as though this one sinks in better when I am prone to my dry skin issues. It looks fantastic underneath makeup, causing a glowy look to the makeup.
4. Diorskin Nude BB Creme in 025. Look how much that tube of BB Creme has been used. A lot! Clearly I’m enjoying it after using it for 5 weeks straight. For day to day makeup I prefer a more lighweight application and as an added bonus it has an SPF of 10. Now I don’t think SPF 10 is strong enough for my fair skin, so I apply an SPF after my moisturizer and before the foundation layer.
5. Cle de Peau concealer in Beige. I have been using this concealer in almost every makeup look I’ve done in the past year. It’s the concealer that just won’t come to an end. It’s brightening under the eyes and covers up that silly red circle on my cheek by my nose.

Dior-TieDye-Tutorial6. Diorshow Brow Styler in Universal Brown. I wish I was great at doing my eyebrows. But I feel like I’m not doing something right. I’m still practicing. Bonus is that there’s a little spooly hidden on the bottom side of the brow pencil. The Dior brow styler is similar to Anastasia’s Brow Whiz, and I have that one too, but I think the colour on that one is a little too red for me.
7. Clinique High Impact Mascara. Lengthen those lashes! I have about a handful of favourite mascaras. This being one, which is excellent for an everyday look. Nothing too drastic.
8. Dior Tie Dye blush in Nude Tan. Perfectly pigmented to give a coral glow to the cheeks
9. bareMinerals California Bronzer. Add a bit of sun-kissed bronzer to achieve the perfect California Bronze. If you haven’t seen my review/tutorial on this it’s over here!
10. Dior Addict Tie Dye Lipstick in 001 Red Bliss. More like a tinted glossy lip balm, you don’t need a mirror to apply this like I had originally though. Toss it into your purse and reapply when you’re on the go.
11. Dior Lip Mazimizer Collagen Activ in 006. Adding another extra bit of gloss to the final look, I used this lip plumper. Alright, so I have to be honest. This one is pretty similar to my go-to lip plumper by Buxom lip glosses, but Buxom gives an icy cooling to the lips, where the Dior one is a bit warm. So, it’s taking a bit of getting used to. The colour is gorgeous though, a nude colour which can easily be paired on top of other lip products.


Dior-After2The final look!

Disclaimer: The Dior Tie Dye collection was sent for review. All opinions are my own, and thank you for supporting spiffykerms.com.

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California Bronze . Beauty Talk Tuesday

California-Bronze-headerSpring has hit, and you’re telling yourself you need a little bit of sun to warm up your face after a long winter. Except you’re super pale, the weather is still cold and you have no idea what to do with your skin. Girrrrrrrrrl, fake it til you make it!

If there is one thing you need to buy this spring/summer for your makeup collection, it’s California Bronze by bareMinerals. it’s a brand new product that recently launched, and I’m here to tell you it’s the best matte bronzer I’ve used — even after only trying it out for an entire week (psst: it’s only because you need the tinest amount. Best bang for your buck here!).

bareMinerals-California-BroTwo universally flattering matte bronzers (The Ocean View & The High Dive) and one golden highlight called The Shining Moment.

CA-Bronze-BMI was flipping through my latest Ulta catalogue and noticed that bareMinerals came out with a bronzer duo + a highlight for summer, appropriately titled California Bronze. I e-mailed my contact from bareMinerals asking if I could review it. Because if anyone knows bronzer, it’s me. All I need in life is a foundation, concealer and bronzer, then I’m set for life. The other makeup items is simply a bonus. And just because I received the product for free to review doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust my opinion. You should trust my opinion because I’m always 100% honest and tell you how it is. Seriously, go back and review my other beauty reviews. They’re not all honky dory! Not only that, I wanted to try this product out, so I made it happen by reaching out to the company instead of vice versa.

Just because I live in California doesn’t mean I am a sun worshipper! I am indoors most of the days, trying to retain this youthful look I’ve got goin’ on here in my thirties. Ya can’t take wrinkles and and leathery skin back. Can ya. Sunless tanner + bronzer = my bff. I’ll get into the sunless tanner routine a little later in April, but for now. I’m going to create a makeup look using it so you can see how it works on my pale skin.

CaBronzeLook11. Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream: Apply an eye cream before your makeup.
2. Philosophy Full Of Promise: This is a firming neck cream, but I asked my philosophy friends if I could use this on my face, since it was feeling extra dry lately. Sure enough, you can! Apply a nice helping of moisturizer to the face before applying makeup. This will make sure your foundation doesn’t stick to any dry patches.
3. Dior Star foundation: One of my favourite go-to foundations lately. I use a damp beauty blender sponge to achieve a dewy look.
4. Laura Mercier concealer: I’m trying to use up many of my makeup items before purchasing new ones. Here is a Laura Mercier concealer I used under the eyes to brighten them up.

Before we get started on the next few steps, I thought the animated image would help you understand where I will place my bronzer in a “3” shaped motion on either side of the face.bareMinerals California Bronze

CaBronzeLook21. bareMinerals California Bronze trio: The bronzers are on either side of the trio, the middle is a powder highlight. Something I prefer to skip over because I usually like to use cream highliters to achieve a more dewy look to the cheek bones. I’ve used it a couple of times, but I definitely won’t use it up as quickly as I would the two broznzers. If you’re a little pale, use the one on the left titled The Ocean View, and if you’re already a bit darker use The High Dive (in which case I used the latter for the tutorial because colours always seem to wash out when I photograph this kinda stuff for you). Use a fairly light hand, these two bronzers are so pigmented you’ll only need a touch — which is excellent, as the product will last you that much longer. I’ve also used two of the bronzers together to create a multi-dimensional looking tan, just layering ever so carefully. I love it.
2. Jordana Lengtheinig Mascara: I picked this mascara up at Walgreens a few weeks ago, asking the lady at the counter which of the 3 Jordana mascaras was the most popular. Apparently it was this lengthening one. I bought the volumizing one before but it clumped so bad I had to throw it out after a month or so. This one isn’t too bad! I’d repurchase.
3 & 4 bareMinerals moxie lipstick in Express Yourself & Buxom lipgloss in White Russian: My go-to peachy pink lip colour lately. I’m already half way through the lip gloss. Good thing I know where to buy the full sized!

The finished look:


Do you use bronzer on a daily basis?
On the days I wear makeup, absolutely. Otherwise I feel like my skin looks to “flat”.

What is your favourite item in your makeup bag?
Concealer + bronzer.

Which season is your favourite?
I always say Fall, but living here in California I’m pretty cool with the warm sunshine happenin’ daily. 

bareMinerals California Bronze is now available in stores, and retails for $29 USD / $35 CDN.

Disclosure: I received the bareMinerals products to review (but those were ages ago) and I already mentioned I asked for the bronzer to review! No one ever tells me what to write, so all opinions are always my own.

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Get Ready With Me: Valentines Day

Get-Ready-With-Me-VdayThe second Beauty Talk Tuesday is a ‘get ready with me’ for Valentines Day post using a few of my favourite beauty products, along with some new ones that I am currently trying out. Whether you’re staying in with the girls, or going out on a date night, this Valentines Day look is for the woman that prefers subtle makeup. Mainly because I do not know how to do a smokey eye, and I prefer to look more natural than done up. Step by step, I will guide you on how to create this look, using products from philosophy, Dior, bareMinerals and a few others.

Let me know if you like the styling of the photos, and I’ll continue to take them this way. Lets jump into the makeup:Vday-Skincare

1. Dior Capture Totale Le Sérum: My skin is dehydrated so I apply a serum before any other products to lock in moisture.
2. philosophy miracle worker eye cream: A thicker silicone type eye cream, perfect for making the concealer glide on. Using my ring fingers I apply using a dabbing motion, not wiping in order to protect the delicate under eye area.
3. philosophy renewed hope in a jar: I am testing out this new formulation of hope in a jar. It has a lighter consistency than the regular version, it’s excellent for normal skin, but I still prefer the original.

Vday-Makeup1. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue (shades Ginger + Natural): This tinted hydrating gel cream is a brand new product out by bareMinerals. It provides a light to medium coverage, and I prefer mixing the two colours together to achieve a shade that matches my skin perfectly.
2. Cle de Peau concealer (in Beige): Applying concealer in a triangle under the eye immediately brightens the area up. Again, using a tapping motion with the ring finger not only protects the eye area, but keeps the product where you applied it, so it doesn’t smear your foundation.
3. Diorskin Nude Air Tan Powder: Bronzer is my favourite way to make my skin look like its been sun-kissed. I apply the colour to my forehead, temples, under the cheekbones, under the jaw line and on my nose then blend out any harsh lines with my foundation brush.
4. Dior Cheek & Lipglow: I thought this was a silly product when I first received it to review. But once applied, it creates a natural flush to the cheeks. I have been reaching for this on a daily basis over my cream blushes.

Vday-EyeMakeup1. Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel: This is an oldie but a goodie. I have dense brows as it is, but I like to reach for this when I am feeling a bit daring. I am not used to filling in my eyebrows, but I like to keep them manicured looking.
2. bareMinerals Lasting Line in Classic Cream: Using this flesh coloured eye pencil, I line my waterline to make my eyes appear wide awake and fresh faced.
3. Dior Backstage Eye Prime in 002: This product is well loved. An eye primer prevents your eye shadows from creasing, mutes out any veins or lines on your eyelid, and allows eye shadow to apply in its true colour.
4. Dior Kingdom Of Colours in House Of Pinks: Using each colour I created an everyday soft pink look with this neutral eye shadow palette.

Vday-Eyes-Lips-Nails1. Diorshow Kohl in black: A thin line of eyeliner is an excellent way to accentuate your eyelashes, and make them look fuller.
2. Tweezerman eye lash curler + bareMinerals Lash Domination mascara: You cannot finish a makeup tutorial and not make your lashes stand out. Lash Domination is a lengthening mascara with a plastic wand, so I didn’t see too much volumizing.
3. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Dream Big: I think I have found my favourite nude lipstick. I felt confident wearing this all day long, and found myself applying it as soon as I noticed it wearing off.
4. bareMinerals Cream Glaze Lip Topcoat: A clear gloss to add some more attention to the lips. This lip gloss was a bit smelly, so I would use my Buxom or other bareMinerals gloss next time.
5. Dior Vernis in Glory and Top Coat in Blossoming: Painting my nails pink for Valentines day! I used only one coat of Glory, that’s how amazing the Dior formulation is. Then for an accent nail I used the playful confetti-like colour.

The final look!Valentines-Look

 Disclaimer: Dior & bareMinerals products were sent for review. I never receive paid compensation for a blog post. Opinions are my own. 

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