Mascara Showdown

Mascara-Showdown-HeaderIf there’s anything I don’t need with finishing off my makeup, it’s definitely mascara. I don’t know why, but it’s one of my two favourite makeup items to own/purchase. That, and of course my ultimate favourite: bronzer. As a little girl, I use to flutter my lashes at my parents friends who came over. They always complimented me on my eyelashes, and to this day when I don’t wear mascara people still compliment the ol’ lashes. K, is that weird? Enough about that.

I guess I enjoy mascara because when I do wear it, it almost looks as though I am wearing false eyelashes. To an extent, I suppose. So I thought I’d combine a few of my favourite mascaras into one post, and show you before and after photos of each one and let you be the judge on what one is your favourite.

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