ootww and a barf inducing #CrossFit WOD

How in the h-e-two sticks is it Friday already? And pay day!

Last night was busy as heyyyy. I went to CrossFit and immediately drove home once it was over (barf inducing WOD last night. I’ll tell you all about it later).  I didn’t barf. But I felt like I wanted to because I wanted to finish. So, I drove home and packed up Alfie’s belongings, scooped him up and headed in my car for a little drive to meet my CEO and her 10 mth old boxer puppy to go for a walk.

Well, wouldn’t you know, Alfie had to poop REALLY bad? Little nugget couldn’t hold it in, and luckily I had a towel laid down on my seat (because I love my car so much and didn’t want it covered in his fur) he took a dump right on the darn friggen towel. I was so shocked he did this, I was yelling “AH AH! Ah AH!” (his command for “No”). I pulled over onto the side of the road and scooped it all up in a little plastic bag and rushed it to the nearest garbage can on the street.

I think he could tell I was really peeved off because he didn’t whine or cry the entire ride there. He’s usually a very nervous dog on car rides and doesn’t know where the heck we’re taking him.

The walk? OH the walk on the other hand was interesting. He didn’t go after the boxer, but he stuck by my side the entire time whining and getting “huffy” (he makes weird noises) at me since I was told to ignore him. We’re trying to socialize this Pomeranian of ours and it’s taking a lot of work lol.

Anyhoo. The week flew by. To be honest, I didn’t want to get up this morning and I hit snooze twice and ended up finally getting out of bed at 7:40. I like to usually get up around 6:50-7:00 to get chores done (dishes from previous night) out of the way before heading into work. But I didn’t want to do that either last night, or apparently this morning.

I went to CrossFit four days in a row this week Mon-Thurs, and I’m kinda wondering if I should go again tonight. 5x seems kinda nutso. But I have nothing else planned for the long weekend, and they’ll be closed lol.

Man. I’m still doing okay with paleo but once in a while I have those chocolate mini eggs, or something chocolatey like that. ANd I get these sharp twisty pains in my stomach. BAD cramps like I’ve never experienced before. They last for shots of 30 seconds, then moves to another area. That goes on for about 10 minutes. I suppose the little workers in my stomach are all strong, trying to kill the bad sugar in my stomach. Right? That’s my theory on it anyway.

I’m multi-tasking. Eating my breakfast, uploading it to instagram and writing a blog post in the a.m. at 8:30 in the morn. Go me.


Have a great Friday/long weekend. I’m sure I’ll be back here at some point over the weekend. You know how it is.

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