How to remove Shellac nail polish

I had Shellac nail polish on my nails for 15 or 16 days, and I went in to get them taken off and put back on again. They were now starting to chip and the growth showed through. Rather than pay $5.00 + $25 to have shellac put on once again, I decided to save myself the five bucks and remove the polish the exact same way I saw the lady do it!

You will need:

Cotton rounds, nail polish remover and tinfoil.

Cut your cotton rounds in half to fit your finger.

Cut the tinfoil long enough to wrap around your nail.

Drench your cotton round in nail polish remover.

Cover your nail with it.

Secure the cotton round with tinfoil. This will heat up the chemicals in the nail polish remover so the shellac will be easier to remove.

Keep going! Your fingers will end up looking like this.

Leave the tinfoil finger tips on for no more than 20 minutes – in fact, 15 minutes is probably your best bet. I left the tinfoil on my fingertips for 15 minutes and it was somewhat easy to get off. My right hand being my dominant hand, I left the tinfoil on those fingertips for longer (30 minutes)since i thought it’d help my gimpy left hand remove the polish easier and I got a bit of a chemical burn. It stung a bit when I rinsed my hands with soap and water. So be cautious.

ET phone home!

To remove the polish you can either use one of these stick things, or your finger nails. I found them both to be successful in removing the shellac.

Shellac removed off all the nails! These will look pretty gnarly right now. But simply wash your hands, dry them and put some nail polish remover on a cotton round and remove the excess polish. It should come off in a breeze.

After/Before photo!

All done, your shellac should be all removed. Hope this helped some of you out there!

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