Hairspray annoyances

I paid for the hair sprays myself. L’Oreal nor Aveda have nothing to do with my review.

I’ve been taking a break from my expensive Aveda Air Control hair spray for the past number of years. I’ve been a huge fan of Aveda products since 2002 when I first went to a salon and they used it on me. I could’ve been an Aveda spokesperson because I knew that much about the product and loved it so much. Now? It’s becoming pretty mainstream and almost every salon has it in stock.

I stopped using the Aveda’s Air Control mainly because of the expense, and when I don’t use the product for a while the nozzle gets clogged. The first time it happened immediately after I purchased it from a salon, and since it was salon-priced I brought back my receipt and got a new one. I thought it was defective at first but since going through a number of bottles throughout the years, it’s just something that Aveda really needs to consider fixing. There is a trick to get it unclogged though, sometimes it was running it under hot water, and other times you could take the nozzle off and fiddle with it somehow that way.

When my Aveda hair spray ran out I decided to not purchase it the next time. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and a number of girls use the L’Oreal Elnett hair spray. Last winter I bought it and only ran out of it recently. That’s how often I used to hair spray my hair.

I cannot stand the scent of the L’Oreal Ellnett. When I first sprayed it I remember quoting that it smelled like old man cologne. It’s not a female-friendly scent at all, and I hardly ever wanted to use it. The hold on this hair spray was stiffer than Aveda’s, but it just smelled like I hugged a man who bathed in aftershave or cologune. I knew for sure that I was not going to go purchase a full-sized after my small one was done with.

Now that I’m trying to not wash my hair daily I’ve gone out and purchased a full sized L’Oreal Paris hair spray which was on for over half off. I got it at Rexall for under four bucks. L’Oreal really needs to mix the hold of Elnet and the scent of this one. Because the hold on this new one is incredibly cheap and no wonder if was on sale.

I like to hair spray the back of my hair, then tease the root to give it volume on days that I don’t wash my hair. The L’Oreal Paris hair spray doesn’t even hold until lunch time. I’m not sure if it’s because my hair is prone to be flat and hates volume, or if it’s the hair spray itself because I’m sort of a newbie-user at it. I’m thinking of getting a salon-quality hair spray again when I use up this bottle. Because lord knows I’m going to use it up and not waste my money, even if it isn’t the greatest.

What kind of hair spray to you use?

I’ll need to get a new hairspray soon since the one I use in my hair care routine is quickly getting used up (ahem….by spraying it everywhere but my hair to try and get rid of it since it sucks.) but I need to keep my flyaways in place because they get drenched in sweat at CrossFit or when I’m even using something as low impact as theraband exercises.

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