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Make-an-ImpactB’ys oh b’ys, I’ll tell you — I’d rather gold than coal in my stocking. And rose gold it is, with the ghd platinum copper luxe premium gift set. Merry Christmas To Me, love ghd. At least, that’s what I envision them saying if they ever wrote me a note. Which they did because this is a pr sample if it wasn’t already obvious.

ghd-platinum-styler-flatI love Christmas time. It beats any other time of year, for me. I enjoy enhancing my friends and families lives with thoughtful gifts, and items or memorable adventures. For me, it’s not about receiving or opening gifts. I emit intense joy watching someone else open a gift, whether or not it’s from me. Admittedly, it pains me to see them unwrap the gift every-so-painfully slow just to get a rile out of me — because I rip’er all open like a kid on Christmas.


ghd platinum copper luxe A standout gift this year for any of your recipients is one of the sets that ghd has curated this season without you having to skip out on next months rent. ghd cares about hair quality, not about frying and heating up your iron to as hot as it can go. Here’s what ghd says:

Dispelling the heat myth: The hottest temperature is not the key to getting your hair just how you want it. The secret is maintaining the optimum styling temperature at all times. Intelligent tri-zone® technology maintains a safer-for-hair heat constantly and evenly from root to tip. One stroke styling to save both your hair and your time.

If you recall, Lauren and I went to GenBeauty SF and had our hair done at the ghd booth. One of the stylist educators used this flatiron on me to create effortless looking beach waves that I cannot seem to replicate for the life of me. The one that was used on me at the time was in white, and they come in a few colours too.


ghd-stylerWhether you want to add a little wave to create an effortless style, or straighten for a sleek look to tame the fly-aways, ghd products are a fail proof gift for any person in your life this Christmas. The set I have comes with two nails inc x ghd nail polishes, a heat-resistant pouch and a silicone cap for the styler if you want to stow it away after using.

ghd copper platinum

ghd platinum copper luxe

ghd-platinum-stylerPurchase at $249: ghd PLATINUM® COPPER LUXE PREMIUM GIFT SET or look at their special offers page for a diverse selection. And psst, you can get 10% off your first order (it’s a pop-up on the screen when you first visit the ghd site!).

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My perfect hair day checklist

I’ve been styling, dying and cutting my hair (the latter, my husband does for me), ever since we moved to California. Mainly for the fact that I know exactly what I want, and how to achieve it myself. Plus, it’s really hard to find a stylist!

I started dying my hair using the same products that my at-home-stylist used on me when I lived in Canada. So far it’s been working out well — minus a few minor mistakes by me (leaving the dye on too long making it extra dark!). My hair grows at an incredibly slow pace, but I’ve figured out the products that suit my baby-fine hair, and keep it healthy looking in between trims.

My perfect hair day checklist:ghdhairghd hair dryer| Last month you guys might’ve seen me unbox my new hair dryer that ghd sent over to me.  Um, now I know why people invest in good hair dryers. One, this is super lightweight and easy to manouver with a flick of the wrist and my round brush. I blow dry my hair straight for the most part, and then follow up with a hair straightener after the fact, but using the removable nozzle on the end is fantastic for creating a sleek at home blow-out. Have you guys ever used their products before? They’re phenomenal! I highly recommend it. I’ve never had a dryer so fancy before — and the one we had prior to this was 8+ years old and totally fried my hair (or so it seemed). Oops.

ghd hair dryerBuy: ghd air® hairdryer $199USD.

perfect hairhair products| My aveda round brush is over 10 years old and I’ll never get rid of it because they no longer make this specific brush. It gives me the perfect amount of volume and has this pick-thing on the end that’s great for putting my hair into sections with those yellow clips you see above. It’s also important for me to use some sort of leave-in conditioner, and right now I’m using the drybar Mr. Incredible. It’s awesome (and in aerosol form) so it’s quick to apply to the ends. When blow-drying my hair I use a mixture between the aveda round brush and the drybar lemon drop hair brush — then follow up with straightening on the ends. To finalize everything I then apply a serum on my hair. I actually prefer a different one but I’m slowly going through the kerastase elixir.

ghd air hair dryerWhat are some of your favourite hair products? Comment below and try to make me smile a bit today — because I deleted off my camera last night, by accident (switching over to a new phone). I am so upset lol.

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